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Start the New Year with a Swish

What is Swishing?
Swishing really is swapping instead of shopping. No money changes hands as taking part involves turning up with items that you no longer want and swapping it with other peoples items that they no longer want. Swishing usually refer to clothes swapping but has now evolved to include other items such as books and furniture.

Bring, swish and go - simple

Bring, swish and go – simple

Why Swish?
It saves you money! You can get a ‘new to you’ item of clothing which is in good condition without having to spend any money. The only cost, is the item of clothing that you are giving away- which you probably didn’t want or couldn’t fit into anyway!

Any other benefits?
Yes- it can be fun and some find it quite a sociable experience! Its also environmentally friendly- you are reusing items and getting ‘new to you’ clothing reducing the need to shop!

OK, you’ve convinced me- where can I do it?
We held one mini swish at St Andrews Church in Brockley and are going to be holding another two more. Please see the following:

Swishing event Free

GrovePark community library service 27 February 4pm to 6pm

Bring some unwanted clothes to swap and freshen up your wardrobe

Mini swishing event Free

Leegate Community Centre 28 March 12 noon to 2pm

What if I don’t want to Swish but I have some old clothes that I don’t know what to do with?
You can take them to one of our textile banks which are located across the borough! Click on the following link and find the nearest textile bank to where you live: