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International use for Lewisham Blog Photo

Two weeks ago we were approached by Australian student, Emerson Brophy, about whether he could use one of our photos in order to design a recycling poster. And being the kind hearted people that we are, we readily agreed. But there was one caveat attached and that was that we got to show off the finished design on our blog.

First here is the original picture:

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment piles up before being processed.

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment piles up before being processed.

And here is Emerson’s design:

Recycling Poster FINAL SMALL

I think that everyone will agree that he has done a cracking job. Well done Emerson!!

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Be a Recycling Superhero!!

Recycling Superheroes – Inspirational examples from our younger generation!

Recycling Super Heroes have previously been found in local schools.  More  are needed!!

Children wanting to become Super Heroes, from year 5, are asked to tell us in no more than 100 words why they should be made one!

There will be prizes for the most inspiring!

Examples of last years winners:

’I recycle, reuse and reduce every day. I recycle when me and my family fill up our recycling bag and empty it out in a recycling bin.  I reuse by mending old clothes or sending them to charity. I reduce when I turn things off that aren’t being used.  I also have a job in school to turn things off. I even wrote an Eco-code for my school to remember.  If I was a Recycling Superhero I would promote walking, cycling, and recycling to people around me, like sending leaflets to my neighbours.

Thank you for reading. From Fadekemi Adeleye’

‘My name is Mya Musundi and I’m sure I’d make the best Recycling Superhero. I am the complete eco warrior. I love recycling, I make my own dolls houses out of recycled materials and help my Mum sort what goes in recycling. Me and my Mum also make natural slug repelents for the plants, out of recycled materials, egg shells. If I was a recycling super I would organise an event where everybody can come and make new things out of recycled materials.

That’s why I should be a recycling hero.

Please send your ‘Heroic’ story to to let us know about something you’ve already done, by Friday 15th of February!!!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Junior Citizens learn all about recycling

The Council’s recycling team have again been involved in the annual Junior Citizen programme. This year it has been held at the Lee Green Fire Station on Eltham Road and aims to teach children about the dangers of drugs, safety on public transport and talking to strangers amongst many other subjects including recycling and waste.

 The recycling team do already run a successful Clean and Clean programme across the borough in Lewisham’s primary schools, however this gives us another opportunity to engage with children further and to talk to them about the 3 R’s – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We also talk about what should and shouldn’t go into the recycling bins and finally give them some examples of what happens to the things they recycle and what they eventually end up being recycled into.

 Groups of children go from room to room in the fire station and spend around 12 minutes in each learning something new. It is hoped that what they learn about recycling can be taken home and taught to their parents. The two week event finishes on Friday.

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Recycle Week – The ‘R’ Team

We recently ran a competition to find Lewisham’s “Recycling Superhero” we posted letters to all Year 5 school children in Lewisham. Children were asked to write in no more than 100 words why they should “be a hero” there was such a good response (over 60 children entered) that we decided to create the “R- Team”.

The winners were announced this week and are: Mya Msundi (St Michaels School), Fadakemi Adeleye (John Ball Primary School), Yvonne Awotyla (Marvels Lane Primary School) and Finley Hills, Simon Caniffe and Rhianna Reid – Kanon (Sir Francis Drake Primary) and are all pictured below.

Other winners who will form part of the ‘R’ team are: Jasmine Bush and Chelsea Ojosipe (Hatcham Temple Grove School), Stephanie Boateng (Torridon Junior School) and Aaron Regisford (Good Shepherd Primary School).

The team will appear on promotional material for the council including the side of Lewisham’s recycling trucks, the winners will also meet to swap ideas, tell each other how they’ve been recycling and set some challenges for reducing, reusing and recycling.

Congratulations to everybody who took part and congratulations to the winners!

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Recycle Week

20th – 24th June  is Recycle Week 2011, we’ll be running a series of blogs highlighting a couple of initiatives that we will be launching during the week. Keep your eyes peeled for more information about the borough wide textiles collection and lightbulb recycling points.

We’ve also launched a competition to find a team of recycling superheros, if your child attends a school in Lewisham and is in year 5 they should have received a leaflet in their book bag! – if not leave a comment here or drop an email to

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Climate Week Winners

As part of this years Climate Week our sustainability team organised a competition for local school children to design a poster which would end up on the side of a recycling truck. We were overwhelmed with responses and the standard was so high that we chose two winners!

Isaac Sackville-Adjei, aged 10 and Saskia Perez-Cooke, aged 6 (both from John Ball Primary School, Blackheath) produced really eye-catching designs that stood out for the judges and also helped to get across the message about climate week.

Saskia’s entry (below) focussed on recycling.

Whilst Isaac’s cleverly combined the idea’s of cycling and recycling (below).

Councillor Susan Wise was on hand to take the children around the truck, and the crew were happy to meet the children who designed the vehicle sides, as they’d had lot’s of compliments from members of the public about the artwork.

The children were delighted to see the result of their hard work and excited about being able to sit in the cab of the truck.

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Lewisham Schools Christmas Card Competition

During the post Christmas months (January and February 2010) Lewisham council asked their staff to bring in unwanted and used christmas cards. As a result of this we were able to collect over 10,000 cards – but rather than just recycling these immediately we wanted to push them up the waste hierachy. So we held on to the cards for 10 months and in December 2010 asked local schools to utilise the cards to make decorations.  5 schools signed up and we ran a competition to find the best decorations.

The 5 schools which took part were:

Stillness Infants
Forster Park
Kelvin Grove
St Winifred’s

And the winners are …. (insert drumroll) ….. Stillness Infants,

Congratulations to Stillness Infants and all the Schools which took part, we’ve put some photo’s up below. If you know of any schools which may be interested in entering the competition this year (December 2011) then email – we have plenty more cards!