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Metal really does matter

Today see’s the start of a brand new recycling campaign in the borough called Metal Matters which aims to drive up the recycling tonnages of tins and cans and prove that metal really does matter.

Many residents may have already seen the new livery on the refuse and recycling trucks promoting the campaign (see images below). As well as all the livery on the trucks, JC Decaux signs will be appearing all across the borough and will be carrying the same images and messages.

Your cans could end up as an iPod, an iron or a kettle?

Your cans could end up as an iPod, an iron or a kettle?

The message is a simple one; please use your recycling bins to recycle all of the tins and cans that you use including aerosols. This includes steel food cans that beans and soups normally come in right through to soft drink and beer cans. Many people may not be aware that tins and cans can be recycled or may think that just certain types of cans are acceptable which isn’t the case.

Details of the types of cans and more information about the campaign will be arriving through your door with the latest edition of Lewisham Life. The leaflet demonstrates the versatility of steel and aluminium and shows some of the products that these items are made into.

Where does it all go?

Where does it all go?

Did you know for example that the aluminium drink can is the most recycled drinks container on the planet? And also that every minute of every day, an average of 113,200 aluminium cans are recycled.

So, why do we want you to recycle tins and cans? For one thing, recycling steel and aluminium cans helps to reduce waste. As well as that, it also saves energy, conserves natural resources, and cuts down on the amount of waste that goes to incineration.

So what are we asking you to do? The next time your are out shopping and buying cans of food or drinks in aluminium or steel cans, please think about putting the empty can into your recycling bin when you have finished with them. If the cans have some residue of food in them, then please give them a quick rinse before putting them into your recycling bin. This will improve the quality of the recycling and also stop your bin from smelling.

Wanted: All your steel and aluminium cans

Wanted: All your steel and aluminium cans

Members of the recycling team will be in Lewisham Shopping Centre on March 14th between 10am and 2pm talking to shoppers about the recycling of tins and cans in a bid to drive up the recycling rates of this material. If you have any questions or queries about the recycling of tins and cans or if you want  to ask a question about recycling generally, please come over and say hello.

We are hoping to work with a school to create some kind of sculpture on the day made from tins and cans which sounds very interesting and there may also be a special guest turning up? Hope to see you there.

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Christmas tree recycling locations

As well as recycling all those empty beer cans, wine and spirits bottles, clean packaging from your turkey, plastic containers from nuts, empty biscuit tins, mince pie packaging, pickles jars, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, fruit and vegetable punnets, party platters, juice cartons and composting all those sprout peelings – don’t forget that your real Christmas tree can also be recycled when you’ve finished with it.

Usual locations available to recycle your Christmas tree

As usual, we are collecting the trees at the same locations around the borough from December 28th to Jan 27th, 2012. The locations are as follows;

SE4 Hilly Fields – entrance in Hilly Fields Crescent,

SE8 Deptford Park- entrance in Scawen Road,

SE14 Telegraph Hill -Pepys Road/Kitto Road entrance,

SE3 Talbot Place- Blackheath,

SE13 Mountsfield Park- entrance top of George Lane,

SE26 Sydenham Wells Park- entrance Wells Park Road,

SE6 Forster Memorial Park- entrance top of Whitefoot Lane,

SE12 Northbrook Park-Baring Road entrance,

SE23 Mayow Park- entrance in Mayow Road,

SE12 Chinbrook Meadows, Amblecote Road,

SE13 Manor House Gardens, Old Road entrance,

BR1  Beckenham Place Park–Old Bromley Road entrance

Happy recycling to all and hope you have a green Christmas.