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Nice Save

Many people don’t realise that along with the obvious environmental benefits of recycling there are also significant cost savings associated with putting materials in your recycling bin as opposed to your refuse bin. It currently costs Lewisham roughly 1.5 times more to dispose of waste than to recycle your waste.

This adds up to £250,000 over the course of a year, Recycle for London are running the “nice save” campaign to highlight this. As part of the campaign we’ve put posters up on the side of our recycling trucks and along Lewisham High Street, in addition to this London wide radio adverts have been running to encourage people to recycle as much as they can.

To find out more about the campaign you can visit Recycle for London and to see what you can recycle in Lewisham visit our Recycle page.

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Recycle Week – Textile Recycling

Following a succesful trial in Brockley and Telegraph Hill wards, you can now recycle textiles from your doorstep wherever you live in Lewisham.

The process is extremely easy, but it is a bookable service – so please don’t leave piles of clothes outside your house!

Here’s what you need to do …

1. Pick up a textiles recycling leaflet – you can get one from your local library, or download and print one from here.

2. Call 020 8314 7171 to arrange a collection date

3. Put your clean textiles into a bag and attach this leaflet to the bag, make sure each bag has its own leaflet.

4. Leave your bag outside your front door on the agreed collection date.

So what can we accept?:

Clean dry clothing, pairs of shoes or boots, belts, hats, bags, handbags, towels, bed linen, curtains, fabric.
If you are unsure of what you want to dispose of, ask when you call to book your collection.

What don’t we want?

Dirty, soiled or wet clothing, carpet, duvets, sleeping bags, pillows and cushions.

We’re running this collection service in partnership with Chris Carey’s Collections (CCC), a local family run textile business who generate over £100,000 a month for various charities by working in partnership with them. Virtually everything CCC collect is either re-used in the UK or in the developing world. Anything that is unable to be used is recycled into roof and wall insulation.

If you have any comments or issues regarding the service please let us know.

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Recycle Week – The ‘R’ Team

We recently ran a competition to find Lewisham’s “Recycling Superhero” we posted letters to all Year 5 school children in Lewisham. Children were asked to write in no more than 100 words why they should “be a hero” there was such a good response (over 60 children entered) that we decided to create the “R- Team”.

The winners were announced this week and are: Mya Msundi (St Michaels School), Fadakemi Adeleye (John Ball Primary School), Yvonne Awotyla (Marvels Lane Primary School) and Finley Hills, Simon Caniffe and Rhianna Reid – Kanon (Sir Francis Drake Primary) and are all pictured below.

Other winners who will form part of the ‘R’ team are: Jasmine Bush and Chelsea Ojosipe (Hatcham Temple Grove School), Stephanie Boateng (Torridon Junior School) and Aaron Regisford (Good Shepherd Primary School).

The team will appear on promotional material for the council including the side of Lewisham’s recycling trucks, the winners will also meet to swap ideas, tell each other how they’ve been recycling and set some challenges for reducing, reusing and recycling.

Congratulations to everybody who took part and congratulations to the winners!

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Recycle Week

20th – 24th June  is Recycle Week 2011, we’ll be running a series of blogs highlighting a couple of initiatives that we will be launching during the week. Keep your eyes peeled for more information about the borough wide textiles collection and lightbulb recycling points.

We’ve also launched a competition to find a team of recycling superheros, if your child attends a school in Lewisham and is in year 5 they should have received a leaflet in their book bag! – if not leave a comment here or drop an email to

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The Future of London’s Waste – Your chance to comment!


The Mayor of London has recently published his Municipal Waste Management Strategy for public consultation.  He is keen to get the views of as many Londoners as possible on this strategy, as the public are essential to delivering higher recycling, reduced waste and more reuse.

The Mayor wants London to become a world leader in waste management, utilising innovative techniques and technologies to minimise the impact of waste on our environment and to fully exploit its massive economic value. The aim is to reduce the amount of waste generated by the capital, repair and reuse what we can, significantly increase recycling and composting performance, and to generate energy in the most environmentally friendly way possible from rubbish that cannot be reused, recycled or composted.

Follow the link below to complete a survey and have the chance to express your opinions in open comment boxes, where your questions can be answered: