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Getting creative with the Peoples Patchwork project!

Late last year, the recycling team were approached by colleagues in the library service who told us about a project they were running and wondered if we could help to source some materials for it.

The project called the ‘Peoples Patchwork’ has the aim of making a large patchwork quilt out of individual patches designed by the people of Lewisham. Each patch should tell a story of the person or group that made it, exploring what Lewisham means to them. When the quilt is complete, it will be exhibited at Peoples Day and later, displayed around the borough.

The contribution made by the environment division at Lewisham Council.

The contribution made by the environment division at Lewisham Council (thanks to Sarah Foraud).

Working with our new textile contractor- LMB, we had just installed new textile banks across the borough and we thought it was a perfect opportunity to not only try and source some fabric squares to donate to the project, but also make one ourselves to be included in the final quilt!

We were given guidance on the size we needed to make the fabric patch so that it could be included- the design being 15cm x 15cm with at least a 1.5cm all the way around (so total size 18cm squared). Any medium can be used for the design on the fabric, including appliqué, embroidery etc but we chose fabric paint and we created a design close to our hearts- clothing/textile re-use. So with instructions in hand, a member of staff took the fabric swatch home and over a rainy weekend at the end of January and produced the patch shown below!

There is still time to take part in the project if you feel like getting creative! The library service are running drop in sessions where you can go along and create your patch, full details here: