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Free electrical waste recycling for businesses in Lewisham

A new free service for London businesses which aims to minimise ‘fridge mountains’, reuse old computers and cut down on the amount of electrical goods sent to costly landfill, has been launched that will help businesses to save money and reduce their impact on the city’s environment.

 This initiative is part of the ‘Nice Save’ Recycle for London campaign which aims to encourage Londoners to recycle rather than bin their rubbish and save their local councils money in the process and in this case London businesses.

Piles of WEEE at SWEEEP

The service, named 1,2,3 Recycle for Free, is being delivered by DHL’s environmental service offering Envirosolutions and SWEEP Kuusakoski in partnership with the Mayor’s Recycle for London programme, to offer businesses and organisations a free collection of their unwanted electrical items. This includes white goods, smaller electrical items such as kettles and outdated IT equipment.

 The service, the first to be offered free to businesses of all sizes, is now running in ten London boroughs, with the aim of cutting down the amount of waste electronic and electrical equipment illegally or irresponsibly disposed of and providing small and medium sized businesses with an important recycling service. With one phone call, all electrical waste worries can be solved, at no cost.

Go to for more information on what they will collect.


Nice Save

Many people don’t realise that along with the obvious environmental benefits of recycling there are also significant cost savings associated with putting materials in your recycling bin as opposed to your refuse bin. It currently costs Lewisham roughly 1.5 times more to dispose of waste than to recycle your waste.

This adds up to £250,000 over the course of a year, Recycle for London are running the “nice save” campaign to highlight this. As part of the campaign we’ve put posters up on the side of our recycling trucks and along Lewisham High Street, in addition to this London wide radio adverts have been running to encourage people to recycle as much as they can.

To find out more about the campaign you can visit Recycle for London and to see what you can recycle in Lewisham visit our Recycle page.