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Free cooking workshop

Though the wintry wind and rain continues, our spirits aren’t dampened because we’ve been cooking up a storm! Lewisham Council is currently hosting free cooking classes that have a Love Food Hate Waste theme, teaching people how to be imaginative with food that needs using up and reducing food waste. We’re hosting 8 classes for Goldsmiths University especially tailored for students who are eating up these classes like hot cakes! We’ve also arranged classes in several primary schools and have one open to the public – see below!

Do you want to feel more confident with cooking, use up left overs without the need for a recipe, make cooking easier, reduce the amount of food you throw away and save on your food bills and time?

Students learn how to make pastry which can be made into a quiche or a pie.

Students learn how to make pastry which can be made into a quiche or a pie.

Lewisham Council are hosting a professional cook to hold a FREE cooking workshop for Lewisham Residents at the Downham Library. The class is a once off 2 hour session.

This class is for anyone who buys and prepares their own or family’s food and feels they could

  • Be more confident with their cooking skills
  • Save money by storing food correctly, and knowing what to do with it
  • Use up left over’s in an imaginative easy way
  • Spend less time on cooking or wondering what to cook
  • Reduce food waste, help the environment and help your pocket
These are some of the things that you can learn to make at the cooking classes.

These are some of the things that you can learn to make at the cooking classes.

Monica is a fabulous professional cook/trainer who has very successfully held classes in many venues all over the UK and enthusiastically teaches how easy it is to reduce food waste, make simple meals from left-overs, how to store foods you’ve made too much of and how to keep fruit and veg last up to 10 days longer than what most people have been able to manage, ultimately saving money, time and food waste.


Downham Health & Leisure Centre, Hall, Ground Floor
7–9 Moorside Road, Downham, BR1 5EP


Thursday, 14 February 2013 from 10:00 to 12:00 (GMT)

Booking is essential. To book, click on the link below! Hurry, limited space available. Sorry, only residents of the London Borough of Lewisham may apply.

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Freshers Love Food and Hate Waste


The Environment and Community Development (ECD) Team recently visited Goldsmiths University to promote the Love Food Hate Waste campaign at the Freshers Fayre.

The event was over two days and was held in a large marquee just off Laurie Grove where hundreds of new students were in attendance. The ECD team occupied a table amongst the many clubs and societies and spoke to well over 400 students.

 Communicating the Love Food Hate Waste message at the freshers fayre was a great promotional opportunity for the Council and also a great opportunity for the students to learn more about how to prolong the life of food and shop wisely right at the beginning of their time at university.

 Amongst some of the hints and tips being given to the new students were things like extending the life of lettuce by washing and draining it, wrapping it in paper towel and then storing it in a plastic bag in the fridge. This will extend the life of a lettuce for an extra to 4 to 5 days. We also told them that if eggs were at their use by date and they were going away, then why not crack them into an airtight container and freeze them until they return and use them for scrambled eggs or in a recipe.

 Lots of recipes were also given away that gave suggestions on what to do with leftovers from meals as well as spaghetti measurers and measuring spoons so that people would use the exact ingredients when cooking. This way they wouldn’t need to make extra trips to the shops for more ingredients and spend more of their budget when they didn’t need to.

 All the giveaways and tips were well received by the students who could see the real value in shopping sensibly and planning meals in advance as well as making greater use of the freezer to ensure that food lasted much longer.

 One key tip that we gave out to the students was to visit the following website as this is a valuable resource for saving money and time, finding out information on storing food correctly as well as being packed with lots of easy and simple recipes for nutritious dishes.