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Living Waters Christian Centre Food Service cooks up a storm with Lewisham

Over the years, Lewisham’s recycling and waste minimisation team have set out to raise awareness of the enormous waste generated by people throwing away food. This includes food that could have been eaten – it may have been forgotten about, not stored correctly, or not used for a number of other reasons.

To help our residents reduce food wastage at home, we’ve put on public educational cooking demonstrations in supermarkets, local street markets and at People’s Day and have ran cooking classes at  a variety of venues around the borough.

Lewisham residents about to enjoy the fruits of their labour. New recipes learnt in the first of Honor Oak Community Centre and Lewisham Councils  Love Food Hate Waste cooking class.

Lewisham residents about to enjoy the fruits of their labour. New recipes learnt in the first of Honor Oak Community Centre and Lewisham Councils Love Food Hate Waste cooking class.

Now we’ve taken it a step further. Lewisham has teamed up with Living Waters Christian Centre Food Service and developed a series of 4 Love Food Hate Waste cooking classes in co-junction with their Food Bank. These classes are intended for those who don’t feel confident with their cooking skills and need to cook to a budget. Though targeted to residents registered for the Food Bank, all Lewisham residents are welcome to come and learn.

Our first class went down like a treat.

“I learnt how to make a meal out of virtually nothing just by adding things that’s already around the fridge or cupboard”

The content of the class was designed to show how by creating a very simple sauce made from just a few basic ingredients you can then sprout many different flavoursome meals from this one foundation. From a simple tomato based sauce we made a curry, courgette boats with spicy sausage and finally smoky mince and rice stuffed peppers. Along the way, we discussed all the ways that you could prevent food waste.

Having achieved a fun and educational session of cooking, and of course eating the results, here’s a few more comments about the course from the participants:

 “I learnt that you can freeze eggs and how to keep herbs fresh for longer!”

 “I don’t like to waste food so finding out how to preserve food that’s on the brink of being perished was helpful” 


Freshers Fayre at Goldsmiths University

For the last couple of years, the recycling team at Lewisham Council have been running a stall at Goldsmith’s University Fresher’s Fayre so that they can speak to all the new students about the recycling services that we offer. Students that are new to the area probably won’t be aware of what can be recycled and how they go about it, so this is our opportunity to speak to them directly and give away as much information as possible.

Some of the designs of the bins

 Along with recycling information, we also speak to students about the Love Food Hate Waste campaign (LFHW). This is a good opportunity for students to pick up some tips on freezing food correctly, how to shop better, how to avoid wasting food and to take away some of easy to cook recipes which they may find useful in their first year away from home. We also point them in the direction of the very useful LFHW website As well as the recipe cards that we give away, we also hand out practical things to help in the kitchen such as rice and spaghetti measures. These help to ensure that you only cook what you need and therefore aren’t wasting any food.

Lots of the bins were given a make over

Whilst at the Freshers Fayre this year, we were approached by a student Calum Hall at the university who wanted to bring our attention to the project he was involved in. This involved the decorating and personalising of bins within the university. In an email which he sent later after the freshers fayre, Calum said,

 ‘On Thursday 27th September “Pimp my Recycle Bin” transformed Goldsmiths square into a gallery for the work of budding artists. Teams of artists were asked by Red Bull to get as creative as possible with the University’s new recycling bins. The idea behind it was that their creativity will inspire others to recycle in future, by making the bins more vibrant and attractive to use. The project bought together creative’s from all courses to play their part in helping the environment. Keep an eye out for the bins dotted around campus’.’

 He also sent the above and below photos to show the sort of designs and decorations that other students had done to the bins.

The colours being used were very vibrant.