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The summer round up of Capital Clean Up events

June 2nd, 2012

This took us to Beachborough  gardens and Beachborough road, Whitefoot in preparation for Queens Jubilee event. There, along with members of staff, local residents students from Conisborough College and Green Wardens, we tackled overgrown vegetation and litter and produced 12 bags of rubbish.

Everyone mucking in at Beachborough Road

June 23rd 2012

Fresh from the exploits of the Whitefoot clean up, we arrived in Brockley for the Proctor & Gamble sponsored clean up event in Wickham Mews, Brockley. This lovely mews had been blighted by fly tipping for years and around 40 people including residents from the mews and surrounding Brockley, Eltham, Clapham, Norwood, Croydon, Crystal Palace and as far afield as Northampton came together on a warm sunny day to clean up the Mews. There we achieved a major success in removing piles of flytipping, litter and cutting back overgrown vegetation from the mews.

The big clean up in Wickham Mews

 We thought the majority of the work would be trimming back vegetation to open up the mews to give it a tidier, safer feel. On cutting back the vegetation the real state of affairs was revealed! People pulled out mattresses of varying states, chairs, TV’s and numerous car parts from a car that had been buried by the greenery! The pile of what was being pulled out was growing by the minute and after a good couple of hours a substantial amount of rubbish had been collected as well as a pile of green waste which was sent off for composting.

A healthy turn out by locals and some from further afield.

 A few days after the clean up the local residents undertook a session of planting flowers and herbs along the mews.

June  26th 2012

The next stop of the clean up tour arrived one Tuesday evening at Lewisham station  to remove litter and low level vegetation from the abandoned area next to Lewisham Main line. This clean up had the support of  a local  councillor, local residents and council officers. 8 bags of litter were removed from this piece of land.

July 13th 2012

Our final destination was Thurston Road, Lewisham. This was one of the road selected for the Olympic torch route and was predominately an industrial area. Volunteers from Brockley, Willesden and as far afield as Norwich removed 10 bags of litter and overgrown vegetation.

The team at Thurston Road with their full bags of rubbish.

In all, Lewisham’ s Capital Clean Up Campaign for 2012 collected 152 bags of litter and vegetation, a variety of flytipped items and 99 people volunteered for our events, a great time was had by all who came along and gave their time and put the effort in to keeping Lewisham looking clean and tidy. We just want to say a big thank you to everyone that came along and got involved and hope to see you all again at future Capital Clean Up events.