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Lots of activity for National Recycle Week 2014

Last week the Recycle Team were out and about in the borough promoting National Recycling Week. The theme for this year tied in quite nicely with current footballing matters as it was recycling ‘home and away’.

We are all now familiar with what recycling means and I would imagine most of us have a pretty firm grasp of what recycling is about, particularly when we are at home. But when we are away from home, do we take our recycling habits with us? How many of us are actively recycling in the workplace or recycling when they go on holiday or weekends away? Or recycling when they are on the go between the bus or train and their place of work?

We kicked off Recycle Week with a Monday morning assembly at Elfrida School, Bellingham.  Over 300 children congregated in the school hall to hear all about where our boroughs recycling goes to.  It was a lively session with lots of questions and some gasps which filled the hall when a picture was shown of some of the things found in recycling bins which shouldn’t be in there- this included a dirty nappy, black sacks and food waste!

Children at Elfrida School learnt lots of new things about recycling.

Children at Elfrida School learnt lots of new things about recycling.

Next stop on our Recycle Week tour was a visit to  Lewisham Market, talking to shoppers who were out getting their shopping on a lovely summers day. Over the course of the day we met a lot of residents and gave out information on the Council’s recycling services.  We managed to help some shoppers out by telling them things about the service that they weren’t aware of like our battery recycling collection service and free mattress recycling.

We spoke to over 50 people at Downham Health & Leisure Centre

We spoke to over 50 people at Downham Health & Leisure Centre

On Thursday we were in the south of the borough at the Downham Health and Leisure Centre where we had a pitch near the entrance to the centre. This visit was particularly productive as we spoke to lots of residents, testing their knowledge about recycling services! There was lots of discussion and a lot of positive things to say.  Having said that, we did speak to one parent who was completely unfamiliar with the concept of recycling and wasn’t aware that such a service existed and what it was all about. Having summarised the do’s and don’ts of recycling and explained how easy it was to participate, we did manage to talk him round and get him involved.

A good spot outside the leisure centre helped with talking to people.

A good spot outside the leisure centre helped with talking to people.

Our final outing with our recycling trailer was at the Midsummer Fayre at Hilly Fields Park. The weather was glorious which meant that it was going to be a very busy day and indeed it was. We spoke to over 160 people and covered all manner of topics. The giveaways were also very popular. Lots of people liked our Love Food Hate Waste rice and spaghetti measurers as well as our water pebbles which help to reduce your time in the shower.

A glorious day in the sunshine for the Midsummer Fayre in Hilly Fields Park

A glorious day in the sunshine for the Midsummer Fayre in Hilly Fields Park

It was nice to finish off a busy recycle week in the relaxing but very hectic environs of Hilly Fields Park and it was good to have got the message out to the (nearly) 600 people we met during the course of the week using our recycling trailer but also, hundreds more through social media using our Twitter account @EnviroLewisham.

Thanks to everyone that popped in to see us.


Come cook with me…come cook with me!

Love food? Love cooking? But hate food waste?…. come and see the experts in action as two chefs give live cooking demonstrations in 2 of Lewisham’s markets.

Richard cooks up a few treats for all the on lookers.

TV chef, Richard Fox, has been talking, demonstrating and presenting at food events around the world for the last few years and this Saturday, the 17th of November at the Brockley Market Richard will be giving a live cooking demonstration with emphasis on food waste reduction from 10am – 2pm.

Richard gives lots of tips on cooking and storing food.

Following this, on Wednesday the 21st November at Deptford Market from 10am – 3pm, wholesome food chef Leigh Adams, will also be showing how to make quick and easy meals from all sorts of leftovers found in the typical kitchen. Leigh Adams has been a chef for 10 years, living in the west midlands he has worked in some of its most prominent pubs and restaurants.

A member of the recycling team will also be on hand to answer some questions.

The two chefs will be dishing out yummy samples as well as advice and tips on how to cook great tasting recipes with leftover ingredients, how to make your food last longer and money saving food ideas.

The cooking demonstrations are part of European Week of Waste Reduction with this years theme on the reduction of food waste and promoting the national Love Food Hate Waste campaign, which provides simple practical help to reduce waste, save money, and enjoy the food they’ve bought in an inspiring way.

For recipe suggestions and food saving tips go to:


 For more information about recycling in Lewisham visit

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Food and cooking demo goes down a treat

There might have been a bit of a chill in the air but there were plenty of hot and spicy treats for the large crowds that gathered throughout the day for Lewisham’s first Love Food Hate Waste (LFHW) cooking demonstration.

Richard cooks up a few treats for all the on lookers.

Richard cooks up a few treats for all the on lookers.

On Monday 21st November, celebrated chef Richard Fox spent the day just outside the shopping centre near Lewisham market showing people how to make simple yet wholesome food from ingredients that they might on another day have considered throwing away.

 First up on the menu was a biryani accompanied by flat bread made from left over chicken, sausages, peas, green beans an onion, some rice, some flour and a few herbs and spices that are probably lurking in everyone’s cupboard somewhere. This was all cooked and dished up within 10 mins or so and served to show the shopping residents of Lewisham just what could be achieved using simple everyday ingredients.

 As well as showing people simple and easy to cook recipes, Richard was also giving out many tips on how to make food last longer and therefore increase its chance of being used up and of course not wasted (which is what the event was all about). For example, he demonstrated how to make coriander last at least a week longer by simply wrapping it in paper towel, sprinkling it with some water and then wrapping some cling film round the stalks.

He also showed a plastic punnet filled with mushrooms that didn’t look their best and asked the crowd how many people would throw the mushrooms away with many agreeing that they would. Richard then cooked the mushrooms in some hot rapeseed oil before leaving them to cool. Once cool they could be put back into the fridge where they will keep for up to another 4 or 5 days and can be added to stews, curries etc. when required. This method was also demonstrated with some very overripe tomatoes which Richard explained were probably at their tastiest now and would be ideal for pasta sauces.

Shoppers gather to watch Richard in action

A second cooking demonstration is being planned for tomorrow (24th November) just outside the shopping centre again where chef Leigh Adams will be in action showing people how to make simple dishes and to think about not wasting food when there is really no need to.

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‘Celebrity’ European Week of Waste Reduction

Whilst it might not be the most glamorous and exciting name for a week that aims to raise awareness about waste, this year we are at least bringing some celebrity to Lewisham High Street.

On the 21st November, Richard Fox, TV chef and beer expert will be giving a demonstration of his cooking skills and showing people recipes that that will help them to reduce food waste within the home. Richard has had his own beer and food show on BBC1 Look North and was a regular chef on BBC 2’s Food Poker. He is the regular beer chef on The Food Channel’s Market Kitchen.

Richard Fox has been talking, demonstrating and presenting at beer events around the world for the last few years. His lively and inspirational style makes him a show favourite. His TV and media work in the field of beer and food have brought critical acclaim.

 His first book, The Food and Beer Cook Book was published by Senate in 2006, and was also launched inAustralia by Marshal Cavendish. Channel 4 then commissioned a three part series based on Richard’s beer and pub exploits with Men Behaving Badly star, Neil Morrissey. He was also co-presenter with Neil Morrissey for an ITV series, which saw the dynamic duo travelling acrossAfrica.

 Richard has appeared on UKTV Food, Saturday Cooks on ITV, The Good Food Show on BBC Radio 4, to name but a few. He is currently touring the country performing cooking demonstrations for the Love Food Hate Waste campaign in theUK. (see youtube clip above).

 As well as Richard on the 21st, we will also have Leigh Adams on the 24thNovember. Leigh has been a chef for 10 years, living in the west midlands he has worked in some of its most prominent pubs and restaurants. As well as food demonstrations Leigh also has an outside catering company which he specialises particularly in what Leigh calls “good wholesome food”.

He enjoys using his cooking skills with a wide range of people and regularly works with disadvantaged groups showing them how to make their food budgets stretch as far as possible.

Leigh’s culinary skills are second to none and he is an advocate of the “love food hate waste campaign” He is passionate about the environment and loves to inspire people to help them come up with ingenious and creative ways of creating gastronomic master pieces from ordinary food.

 There will be a variety of recipes cooked throughout the day. The chefs will talk through how these are made, cooking and storage tips etc while handing out small tasting samples throughout the day. As one recipe is devoured by onlookers, a new recipe will be made up.

 They will demonstrate the ease of how a small number of ingredients and base foods can create different and exciting recipes without too much effort. The idea is to promote the using of the same ingredients to create a variety of recipes rather than to buy a wide range of ingredients that then can all too easily be left forgotten in the fridge. It not only promotes innovative ways to use up what ingredients the householder already has, but will also promote the reduction of waste and the saving of money and time.

 As well as the free samples of lovely cooked food being handed out, there will also be free recipe cards, spaghetti measurers and other freebies at the event.

 The event starts around 10.30am and will go through to 3pm The mobile kitchen will be set up near Lewisham market outside of the main entrance to Lewisham’s Shopping Centre.

 Everyone is welcome.

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Cardboard Recycling at Lewisham Shopping Centre

Lewisham Council are involved in a partnership with Lewisham Shopping Centre to recycle the waste cardboard that is generated by the market. This has recently been extended to cover the whole market. Staff from the Markets Unit along with staff from the cleansing department are working hard to make the initiative a success and are grateful to the shopping centre for their continued support.