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Supermarkets can now take plastic film for recycling

One question we often get asked is about recycling carrier bags and film, at the moment in Lewisham we can’t currently accept this type of plastic in our kerbside collection.

However there is now another option – Supermarket stores which collect plastic bags for recycling will now accept clean plastic film packaging (such as bread bags and cereal liners) in the same facilities, the British Retail Consortium (BRC) announced on April 7.

Carrier bag banks can be found at more than 4,500 supermarkets. A new version of the on-pack label (See picture on the right) will appear on relevant packaging to encourage customers to dispose of it in this way.

The thin plastic, also used around multipacks of cans and household goods such as toilet roll, makes up 43% of all plastic household packaging and weighs a total of 645,000 tonnes every year. By comparison, plastic bottles account for 32%, or 480,000 tonnes. Thin plastic film is fully recyclable but until now most people have had no means of recycling it.

We’ve done a quick bit of research in Lewisham and the supermarkets which have facilities for you to dispose of plastic bags …and now plastic film are:

  • Tesco, Lewisham
  • Sainsburys, Lewisham Shopping Centre
  • Sainsburys, New Cross
  • Tesco, Catford
  • Co-op, Downham
  • Sainsburys, Forest Hill
  • Sainsburys, Sydenham SavaCentre
  • Sainsburys, Lee Green

You can find all of the locations on our recycling map – look for the yellow carrier bags.

The recycling points are all located in the stores as opposed to outside (with the textile banks etc) and are usually behind the check-out. There is a picture of a couple of typical ones below – if in doubt ask a member of staff.