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Love Food Hate Waste Campaign

Throughout the last five or so wintery months we’ve been cooking up storms to raise awareness of just how much food is wasted in the UK and what we can all do to help reduce it.

If you can visualise the Wembley Stadium and just how big it is, then you might start to visualise how big an issue food waste really is. Every year, UK residents throw away enough food to fill the Wembley Stadium about seven times. Seven times. That’s a lot.

Student's at Goldsmith's University learn new cooking skills.

Student’s at Goldsmith’s University learn new cooking skills.

When we received funding from Recycle for London, Lewisham Council set out to reach as many of its residents in a practical and fun way, teaching them simple every day steps in how to reduce food waste.

All in all we attended the Fresher’s Fayre event at GoldsmithsUniversity where we also held 9 of the 14 cooking classes that we put on. These cooking classes helped students gain more confidence with cooking, especially when using up left-over food and helped them understand how to store food so that it’d last many days longer. Other classes were held throughout the community too.

A hive of activity as everyone get's stuck into some serious cooking.

A hive of activity as the students get stuck into some serious cooking.

Here’s some feedback from the students…

“…it’s so easy to make pizza dough from scratch and so good for using up left over veg or anything…”

“…I learnt that there’s no need to peel vegetables, just wash them well and that you can use the outside leaves of cauliflower and even the stem!…”

“…I didn’t know there were so many uses for black bananas – and I learnt that my freezer is my friend!…”

We also held 3 public cooking demonstrations at Deptford and Brockley markets and at the Tesco Superstore in Lewisham where people passing by were able to taste some yummy dishes and get some great food saving tips. On top of all this we also attended several primary schools to present the idea of loving food and hating waste within their classes.

Tesco customers get a sample of free food and learn some LFHW cooking tips as well.

Tesco customers get a sample of free food and learn some LFHW cooking tips as well.

If you were one of the 700 people involved in either our classes, workshops, demonstrations and information stalls, THANK YOU for joining us and we hope we’ll see you next time as we had a great time doing running the campaign too!

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Free cooking workshop

Though the wintry wind and rain continues, our spirits aren’t dampened because we’ve been cooking up a storm! Lewisham Council is currently hosting free cooking classes that have a Love Food Hate Waste theme, teaching people how to be imaginative with food that needs using up and reducing food waste. We’re hosting 8 classes for Goldsmiths University especially tailored for students who are eating up these classes like hot cakes! We’ve also arranged classes in several primary schools and have one open to the public – see below!

Do you want to feel more confident with cooking, use up left overs without the need for a recipe, make cooking easier, reduce the amount of food you throw away and save on your food bills and time?

Students learn how to make pastry which can be made into a quiche or a pie.

Students learn how to make pastry which can be made into a quiche or a pie.

Lewisham Council are hosting a professional cook to hold a FREE cooking workshop for Lewisham Residents at the Downham Library. The class is a once off 2 hour session.

This class is for anyone who buys and prepares their own or family’s food and feels they could

  • Be more confident with their cooking skills
  • Save money by storing food correctly, and knowing what to do with it
  • Use up left over’s in an imaginative easy way
  • Spend less time on cooking or wondering what to cook
  • Reduce food waste, help the environment and help your pocket
These are some of the things that you can learn to make at the cooking classes.

These are some of the things that you can learn to make at the cooking classes.

Monica is a fabulous professional cook/trainer who has very successfully held classes in many venues all over the UK and enthusiastically teaches how easy it is to reduce food waste, make simple meals from left-overs, how to store foods you’ve made too much of and how to keep fruit and veg last up to 10 days longer than what most people have been able to manage, ultimately saving money, time and food waste.


Downham Health & Leisure Centre, Hall, Ground Floor
7–9 Moorside Road, Downham, BR1 5EP


Thursday, 14 February 2013 from 10:00 to 12:00 (GMT)

Booking is essential. To book, click on the link below! Hurry, limited space available. Sorry, only residents of the London Borough of Lewisham may apply.