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Making Rubbish Fashion

Lewisham Council has worked with fashion and design students from LESOCO , to raise awareness about the need to dispose of litter from ‘Food on the Go’ responsibly.

The students created clothes from packaging of well known fast food outlets. They were helped in their quest by kind donations of obsolete packaging  from KFC, Mcdonalds and Muffin Break.

Their stunning creations were exhibited at Lewisham Library and Lewisham shopping centre.

KFC dress made from the red take away boxes

KFC dress made from the red take away boxes

The creations demonstrate that not only is recycling fun, it is possible to make rubbish fashion and to behave responsibly as well.

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Food on the go Litter

Nobody likes seeing litter on the streets of Lewisham (or any streets for that matter!), it can be bad for business and tourism, dangerous to children and animals, attracts rodents and encourages further anti-social behaviour. In Lewisham, we have collected 193 tonnes of food on the go related litter, that was not properly disposed of!

Last week we launched our “Food on the Go” campaign, this is an ongoing effort on the part of Lewisham Council and Keep Britain Tidy to reduce the amount of food and drinks related litter found on Lewisham’s streets as well as encouraging the correct disposal of litter from food on the go. This includes not only fast food packaging but drinks cartons and bottles, confectionary and sandwich packaging. The campaign ran from 15th November until 28th November .

The campaign involved working with local businesses and schools to help get the message about the responsible disposal of litter. It is a mixture of enforcement and education as the message is that there is a fixed penalty fine of £75, or failure to pay the fine within 14 days can lead to prosecution or a fine of up to £2500.

During the campaign period, The Natural Theatre Company were employed to engage the public in an interactive way to help spread the message. Council Officers were on hand to distribute ‘Wrap its’ – a folded cardboard pack including recycled paper for people to responsibly dispose of gum responsibly. We hope the campaign will be succesful in reducing the amount of litter on Lewishams Streets – if you want any more info, please email

If you do see any large amounts of littering on the streets of Lewisham or throughout London you can report it using Love Clean Streets (recently mentioned by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer speaking about Cloud Computing at the Government Leaders Forum in London)