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World Fairtrade Day Poster Competition Winner!

This year’s World Fairtrade Day was on Saturday the 11th of May and Lewisham children were asked to design a poster or collage in a competition to display on a Lewisham recycling vehicle.

Fairtrade is an organised social movement whose aim it is to help producers in developing countries and to make better trading conditions for their produce whilst also supporting the aims of sustainability.

Fairtrade advocates the payment of a higher price to exporters as well as higher social and environmental standards and focuses in particular on exports from developing countries to developed countries. Exports from Fairtrade countries include:

  • Handicrafts
  • Coffee
  • Cocoa
  • Sugar
  • Tea
  • Bananas
  • Honey
  • Cotton
  • Wine
  • Fresh fruit
  • Chocolate
  • Flowers
  • Gold

Many of the above products are available in most supermarkets. Look out for the Fairtrade logo on the packaging. More information on the Fairtrade movement and it’s work can be found on the following link:

For this years World Fairtrade Day, children were asked to show links between their own lives and those of a child in another country.

The winning entry was designed by Rohan Praveen who is 8 years old and from St William of York School.

image: Fair Trade Poster

Rohan’s poster was chosen from over 100 entries from schools throughout the borough, and we loved it for it’s inspiring slogan “Nature Asks Us To Be Fair!”

The photograph below is of Rohan with the recycling vehicle which now carries his winning design and can be seen driving around the borough on weekdays collecting and emptying recycling bins. Well done to Rohan!

Image: Rohan Praveen with Recycling Vehicle


Lewisham schools sculpture a ‘London Landmark’ to celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight.

To celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight which ran from 25th Feb to 10th March, schools in Lewisham who are on the Clean & Green programme were asked to take part in a competition to make a sculpture out of Fairtrade packaging of a famous landmark in London.

Fairtrade fortnight is an annual campaign event, run to raise awareness of Fairtrade products. Choosing to buy Fairtrade products ensures that producers get a guaranteed price which covers the cost of production. This means farmers have more control over their lives and are able to plan for their future knowing that they are bringing in a certain level of income.

Cllr Susan Wise with first prize winner Lottie.

Cllr Susan Wise with first prize winner Lottie.

Amongst the entrants, St Winifreds Infant School submitted entries of Tower Bridge, a London bus and the winning entry to the competition- Canary Wharf produced by Lottie pictured above with Cllr Susan Wise who presented her with a prize of a book token

Cllr Susan Wise with St Winifreds Infant School teacher Miss Hampson & winners Lottie, Leona & Frasier.

Cllr Susan Wise with St Winifreds Infant School teacher Miss Hampson & winners Lottie, Leona & Frasier.

Children from St Winifreds Infant School who showed their enthusiasm for Fairtrade with their entries. Also pictured Cllr Susan Wise and St Winifreds infant school teacher Miss Hampson who encouraged the children to explore the difference Fairtrade can make. The sculptures are now on displayed in the foyer of Lewisham Library.

The Clean & Green programme offers schools the opportunity to take part in events and activities, including competitions throughout the academic year. Running Fairtrade competitions is one element of the programme. Other events took place in Lewisham to celebrate Fairtrade fortnight- for more information visit: . If you are school and would like more information about entering the Clean & Green schools programme next September- please visit: or email

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Design a poster for Fairtrade Fortnight

Fairtrade fortnight runs from the 25th February to 10th March and we are running a Fair Trade fortnight poster/collage competition for Primary Schools in Lewisham.

Get those creative juices flowing with ideas for a poster or collage.

Get those creative juices flowing with ideas for a poster or collage.

We would like children to think about what that means to them and to design a poster showing a link or links between their life and the life of a child in another country.  Then send it to us here!

Beth Sowden, ECD , Wearside Service Centre, Wearside Road, London, SE13 7EZ .

They can refer to possessions, climate, environment and show things that they have in common. The winning design will be made into a panel/banner on the side of one of our recycling vehicles!  This will all happen for World Fairtrade Day on May 11th 2013. One more thing to bear in mind, as the design will be going on the side of our collection vehicles, if possible, try to make your poster design or collage in landscape format so that it will look much better.

For details on what the previous winner did, please click on the following link where you will see the winner Esosa and his poster design. 

We will need the names of children who are submitting an entry, their ages and the name of the school they attend.

Here’s a link to a website that I hope will inspire

The closing date for Friday the 15th of March.

Good luck  to all,

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Fairtrade Fortnight poster winner has borough-wide exhibition

Last month, we ran a poster competition and invited children from the boroughs primary and secondary schools to submit entries to celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight running from 27th February until March 9th. The theme was ‘take a step’ and we were really pleased that seven schools submitted over one hundred entries.  We received some fantastic designs and the children demonstrated that they had researched and understood what Fairtrade is and how important it is to farmers and communities worldwide. 

Esosa and his poster winning entry on a recycling vehicle

The winning entry was done by Esosa Joe-Oshodi from Bonus Pastor Catholic College.  His design has been turned into two large posters which have been placed onto a recycling vehicle and will be driven around the borough for the next two weeks. Esosa’s entry stood out as it was not only very skilfully drawn but also very original and well thought through.  Due to the overall high standard, we also compiled a list of highly commended entries.   Fairtrade fortnight runs for the next two weeks from Monday across Lewisham.


Get involved in Fairtrade Fortnight

This year, Fairtrade fortnight runs from 27 February to 11 March and there are many ways to get involved. This year’s theme is Take A Step and, as a Fairtrade borough, Lewisham is encouraging residents and businesses to do just that.

 Fairtrade is about better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world.

 It doesn’t matter whether your step is big or small. Every single one counts because together they lead to life-changing projects in developing countries.

 Sir Steve Bullock, Mayor of Lewisham, said: “Lewisham has been a Fairtrade borough since 2005 and we have already succeeded in taking a very significant step this year by qualifying to be a Fairtrade borough for a further two years.  I am extremely proud that Lewisham has a strong and active steering group that overseas our activities and involves many of our major borough partners such as Goldsmiths, Lewisham Hospital and the South East London Chamber of Commerce.

The Mayor Sir Steve Bullock is supporting Fairtrade Fortnight

“We all recognise that Fairtrade goods can cost more than similar products but the quality is very good, and for those that can afford it, we encourage them to support workers in the developing world by buying more Fairtrade products. For people that can’t afford it, there are always other ways to get involved – perhaps by joining our local steering group, helping to raise local awareness or persuading your local business to stock products.

 “In Lewisham we also recognise and reward businesses, community organisations or individuals that promote Fairtrade in the borough. We now have a Fairtrade category in our Lewisham Business Awards. So why not nominate someone?”

 Some ideas for what you can do:

  • Invite a friend out for a Fairtrade tea or coffee.
  • Organise a Fairtrade chocolate tasting (Lewisham is home to the owner of the Fairtrade chocolate producer, Divine Chocolate).
  • Buy Fairtrade tea bags when it’s your turn at work and encourage your work colleagues to do the same.
  • Use more Fairtrade products when your local community or faith group holds its regular get together.
  • Find out about the wide range of Fairtrade products that now exist. It’s not just tea, coffee and bananas! Most of Lewisham’s libraries and leisure centres are supporting Fairtrade Fortnight so drop by to find out more.
  • Tell your friends on Facebook about your favourite Fairtrade product.
  • Ask your local shop to stock more Fairtrade choices.
  • Nominate someone for a Mayor of Lewisham business award. There’s now a Fairtrade category because Lewisham Council wants to reward businesses, community organisations or individuals that are promoting Fairtrade in the borough. Nominees can be retailers, cafés, Fairtrade suppliers, voluntary organisations, or entrepreneurs.
  • Become a member of Lewisham’s Fairtrade Steering Group or start your own campaign.
  • If you’re a teacher, use some of the available resource packs to teach children about the importance of Fairtrade and perhaps set up a Fairtrade project at school.
  • Register the step you are taking on the Fairtrade website and help us reach a national target of 1.5million steps.

 Find out other ways to get involved.

 See the Fairtrade guide to London.