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Green Police out in force again at People’s Day 2013

The 2013 People’s Day saw Lewisham’s recycling team out in force again as Green Police – serving and protecting the environment.

PC Brinson and PC Swift out on patrol at People's Day

PC Brinson and PC Swift out on patrol at People’s Day

This year we were fighting the environmental battle on three fronts. On one stand we were tackling recycling and waste management issues, on another we were running composting workshops, whilst on a third stand, we worked in partnership with Love Food Hate Waste to run cooking demo’s and advise people how to get the most out of buying, cooking and storing food.  Also helping that day was Ed Van Reenen from Bywaters where all of the boroughs recycling is processed.

The Green Police Recycling Team with Monica and her daughter Lilian from Love Food Hate Waste.

The Green Police Recycling Team with Monica and her daughter Lilian from Love Food Hate Waste and Ed from Bywaters.

With so many people visiting us, we took the opportunity to speak to them about the new Service Standards that are now coming in to force which some people were still unaware of. The Service Standards are being rolled out borough-wide and are designed to standardise both the refuse and recycling service. Under the Standards, residents will have to bring their refuse and recycling bins to the inside boundary of their property. As people are now reducing their waste considerably these days, our crews will assume that if the bin isn’t at the boundary of the property, then the resident is either on holiday or doesn’t want a collection that week.

As well as all of the above, the recycling team were raffling off some environmentally friendly products to lucky winners. The prizes were either a wireless meter reader that tells you how much electricity you are using, a device for turning all your gadgets and electrical devices off from standby or a wind up radio and torch.

A lucky winner receives an energy monitor from PC Parkinson.

A lucky winner receives an energy monitor from one of our green police officers

Regular draws were made throughout the afternoon and many people went home very happy with a prize that will help them reduce their electricity bills or save them buying batteries for their radio.

Even in the searing heat, the Green Police still managed to talk to lots of residents and many cooking demonstrations also took place. Overall a very productive day for the team with no arrests being made for people recycling the wrong things.

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WEEE Man wins award at Westminster

On Monday 14th November Lewisham Council was recognised by The Green Organisation as this year’s most innovative London Borough for their recycling superhero WEEE Man. The Green Organisation is an independent, non-political, non-activist, non-profit environment group dedicated to recognising, rewarding and promoting environmental best practice around the world.

They awarded us GOLD at this year’s Green Apple Awards at the award ceremony that was held at the House of Commons in the River Terrace Pavillion Function Room. Councillor Susan Wise and Lewisham Council officer Dave Brinson (who incidentally bears an uncanny resemblance to WEEE Man) picked up the award on behalf of the Council. They were presented with the award by celebrity dog lovers the K-9 Angels.

The K9 Angel’s with Dave Brinson and Cllr Susan Wise at the House of Commons.

WEEE Man has come back from the future in order to educate Lewisham’s residents and school children about how to dispose of their old electrical items responsibly. He takes his name from the European Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment Directive. And for any of you who aren’t familiar with WEEE Man or if you just fancy watching the UK’s favourite superhero (in our opinion anyway) in action again just press play on the video below.

Dave gives the Green Apple award to WEEE Man for photograph session.

So what’s next for WEEE Man? Well, we are already looking towards next year and working with schools again to raise the profile of  electrical and electronic waste.  We are looking for schools who are willing to take part in collecting electronic waste and hopefully allow a visit by our recycling superhero WEEE Man.

If your local school in Lewisham would like to get involved next year, please contact Paddy Swift via email:

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Free composting workshops

Our composting workshops are a fantastic way for newcomers to learn about the subject and they can also offer handy tips to composting veterans! In just over an hour you can learn:

  • Best placement and setting up a composting area
  • Do’s and don’ts of what to put in
  • How to treat difficult plant matter
  • Getting the balance of materials right
  • Speeding up the process


Downham Library

7-9 Moorside Road, Downham, Bromley BR1 5EP


There are 4 sessions to choose from:

  • Tuesday 1 May      10.30 – 11.45am
  • Tuesday 1 May       1 – 2.15pm
  • Wednesday 2 May   5 – 6.15pm
  • Wednesday 2 May   7 – 8.15pm

 Booking is essential

To book, please email

Please title email ‘composting 2012’, state which date, time and how many people will attend.

 Alternatively, call 020 8314 2145, you may need to leave a message as this phone is often “un-manned”.

Please state which date, time and how many people will attend and leave your contact details.

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WEEE Man trims down WEEE waste during WEEE Week

WEEE Week ran from September 24th through to October 1st, 2011. In the build up to this event, Lewisham Council called upon the services of its new superhero WEEE Man, who came along to raise awareness and the profile of this type of waste.

 The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE Directive) was introduced into UK law in January 2007 by the Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment Regulations 2006. It aims is to reduce the amount of electrical and electronic equipment being produced and to encourage everyone to reuse, recycle and recover it.

 With the help of WEEE Man, Lewisham Council set about taking the message of recycling WEEE waste to the people of Lewisham. A couple of weeks before WEEE Week started, several schools were visited where a presentation was given to the assemblies about the issues surrounding electronic waste and how this could be recycled. The presentation informed the children about what WEEE waste was, and why it was important to recycle and dispose of this waste in the best way possible. This also included reusing any working items of electronic waste whenever possible.

 The children were then shown this short film featuring WEEE Man 

which they enjoyed very much before the actual man himself appeared to the very excited assemblies. He wandered amongst the excited children before making his exit and leaving behind flyers which the children were instructed to take home to their parents. The flyers carried all the information about the WEEE waste collections that were taking place at 6 schools. The schools that took place were Kelvin Grove, Sydenham, Forster Park, Catford, Ladywell Fields College, Ladywell, All Saints School, Blackheath, Sir Francis Drake, Deptford and Edmund Waller, New Cross. Two consecutive Saturday collections also took place at Dacres Road Nature Reserve.

 The collections saw lots of items being brought, from obsolete video recorders, defunct irons, hairdryers, and microwave ovens, through to redundant printers, scanners, old telephones, faxes, radios, stereos and even a hedge trimmer (see photo above). During the collection week, WEEE Man even decided to put in an appearance and was mobbed by children seeking autographs (see photo below).

 Two caged vehicles worth of WEEE waste was collected during the seven days that the collections ran for and a total of 1880kg of WEEE waste was collected. That’s nearly 2 tonnes!

 For those people that didn’t manage to drop off their old and unwanted items of WEEE waste, don’t forget that we still have 6 small appliance banks around the borough that can be used at any time. If you have items that are too big and not suitable for the small appliance banks, you can always take them to the Reuse and Recycle Centre at Landmann Way.

 Thank you to everyone that came along with your old toasters, kettles and radios etc and for making this event the success that it was. WEEE Man also called on the WEEE phone to say a big thank you to all the schools and the children for all their help and support. He will be more than happy to make return visits to schools and visit other schools in the future.