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Free clothes anyone? You’re invited!

It’s crazy to think that 20,000 litres of water is needed to produce one pair of jeans and a t-shirt. And it’s just as crazy to think one million tonnes of textiles are thrown out by consumers every year. Swapping your clothes and accessories with friends is a fun and easy way to make sure your wardrobe looks fresh but also ensures that your pre-loved clothes are being loved again.

Come along and swish, its easy!

Come along and swish, its easy!

Lewisham Council has teamed up with MA students studying at the Institute for Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship from Goldsmiths University as well as Greening Goldsmiths to put on a party to celebrate the importance of textiles.

The Swishing Party invites you to come along with your pre-loved clothes and swap them for something from our range of clothing – free! Bring a friend!

Friday, 13th of March

11am – 3pm

The Stretch Bar

Goldsmiths University