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Mr Compost promotes Compost Awareness Week

Compost Awareness Week has been running from May 6th – 12th. As part of this and as part of a longer term strategy, Lewisham Council have been promoting the benefits of composting by speaking to residents in Lewisham’s Shopping Centre and also in Catford Market.

Lewisham’s very own Mr Compost also came along to the shopping centre in Lewisham to meet and greet shoppers and to talk to them about how compost can benefit the environment by providing a free source of compost made in your own garden.

This saves residents money as well as they get a free source of compost and it also saves the Council money as all your peelings, teabags, leaves, grass and vegetable matter can be dealt with at home rather than be transported to New Cross and be incinerated – which obviously costs the Council money.

Mr Compost meets an unsuspecting shopper

 At the moment we are giving away compost bins to residents with a garden (or with available communal space) by way of encouraging further take up of composting. Mr Compost is modelling the type of compost bin you will receive (220 litre) in the image above and we can also provide a starter booklet with this which gives you a step by step guide on how to use your compost bin. It also details the things that might go wrong and how to correct any problems if and when they occur.

On top of this we are also running workshops where residents can come along and listen to an expert composter explain all about the processes involved and answer any questions that people might have about composting.