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Get involved in the Mayor’s Capital Clean Up!

Capital Clean Up

The  scheme is funded by the Mayor of London and supported by the Environment Agency and Groundwork London. If you’re a community group, registered charity, school or small business you can apply for either a cash grant to fund clean-up activities or a Clean-up Kit that contains all the advice and equipment a group needs to get started. Community groups, charities, schools and small businesses can now apply for a Mayor of London Capital Clean-up grant to help tidy up a local green space or waterway. You can apply for a cash grant of between £500 – £2,000, or a Capital Clean-up Kit with all the info and equipment you need to get going.

Capital Clean-up is a partnership campaign led by the Mayor of London as part of his Team London volunteering programme to help Londoners green and clean our city through community engagement and participation. The campaign is now in its fifth year of helping London communities take part in the maintenance of the places where they live and work. So far, we have coordinated over 1,000 clean-up events led by community groups, members of the public and local authorities. Clean-ups have included:

  • Thames riverbank and canal clean-ups
  • Litter picks
  • Habitat restoration; and
  • Graffiti removal

For further information please go to the Capital Clean Up website:

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The summer round up of Capital Clean Up events

June 2nd, 2012

This took us to Beachborough  gardens and Beachborough road, Whitefoot in preparation for Queens Jubilee event. There, along with members of staff, local residents students from Conisborough College and Green Wardens, we tackled overgrown vegetation and litter and produced 12 bags of rubbish.

Everyone mucking in at Beachborough Road

June 23rd 2012

Fresh from the exploits of the Whitefoot clean up, we arrived in Brockley for the Proctor & Gamble sponsored clean up event in Wickham Mews, Brockley. This lovely mews had been blighted by fly tipping for years and around 40 people including residents from the mews and surrounding Brockley, Eltham, Clapham, Norwood, Croydon, Crystal Palace and as far afield as Northampton came together on a warm sunny day to clean up the Mews. There we achieved a major success in removing piles of flytipping, litter and cutting back overgrown vegetation from the mews.

The big clean up in Wickham Mews

 We thought the majority of the work would be trimming back vegetation to open up the mews to give it a tidier, safer feel. On cutting back the vegetation the real state of affairs was revealed! People pulled out mattresses of varying states, chairs, TV’s and numerous car parts from a car that had been buried by the greenery! The pile of what was being pulled out was growing by the minute and after a good couple of hours a substantial amount of rubbish had been collected as well as a pile of green waste which was sent off for composting.

A healthy turn out by locals and some from further afield.

 A few days after the clean up the local residents undertook a session of planting flowers and herbs along the mews.

June  26th 2012

The next stop of the clean up tour arrived one Tuesday evening at Lewisham station  to remove litter and low level vegetation from the abandoned area next to Lewisham Main line. This clean up had the support of  a local  councillor, local residents and council officers. 8 bags of litter were removed from this piece of land.

July 13th 2012

Our final destination was Thurston Road, Lewisham. This was one of the road selected for the Olympic torch route and was predominately an industrial area. Volunteers from Brockley, Willesden and as far afield as Norwich removed 10 bags of litter and overgrown vegetation.

The team at Thurston Road with their full bags of rubbish.

In all, Lewisham’ s Capital Clean Up Campaign for 2012 collected 152 bags of litter and vegetation, a variety of flytipped items and 99 people volunteered for our events, a great time was had by all who came along and gave their time and put the effort in to keeping Lewisham looking clean and tidy. We just want to say a big thank you to everyone that came along and got involved and hope to see you all again at future Capital Clean Up events.


Capital Clean Up Grand Finale

Over the past few weeks Lewisham Council and local residents have been getting together cleaning up London through a variety of clean up activities in readiness for the Olympics next month. The finale event for Capital Clean Up 2012 was held in Wickham Mews, Brockley. This lovely mews has been blighted by fly tipping and around 40 people including residents from the Mews and people from Brockley, Eltham, Clapham, Norwood, Croydon and as far afield as Northampton came together on a warm and sunny day to clean up the Mews.

Great support for the Capital Clean Up in Wickham Mews

We thought the majority of the work would be trimming back vegetation to open up the mews to give it a tidier, safer feel. On cutting back the vegetation the real state of affairs was revealed! People pulled out mattresses of varying states (none of which you would want to spend a night on!!), chairs, TV’s and numerous car parts from a car that had been buried by the greenery! The pile of what was being pulled out was growing by the minute and after a good couple of hours a substantial amount of rubbish had been collected as well as a pile of green waste which was sent off for composting.

A great time was had by all and at the end of a hard days work, people gathered to have some light refreshments courtesy of Proctor & Gamble who sponsored this event. To prevent further fly tipping they have also funded a gate, which will be installed over the coming weeks.

Before people left a goodie bag was given out as well as a ‘Lewisham Time Credit’. This is a new scheme in Lewisham whereby people who volunteer their time can receive a ‘time credit’ to be exchanged for an activity e.g. a session at the Beauty School (Lewisham College) or a couple of games of ten bin bowling amongst other things.

Just some of the rubbish that was discovered beneath the undergrowth.

Thank you to all who took part – an impressive amount of rubbish was cleared, which will be removed by Lewisham’s crews (thank you to all of them too – I’m sure they weren’t expecting that much stuff!).

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Capital Clean Ups

10th May 2012

This year our clean up campaign kicked off in the north of the borough along New Cross road on the green areas outside Sainsbury’s behind the large advertising hoardings. This is an area that was heavily littered and we collected 4 bags full of litter. Although this was only a small clean up event, once bottles, cans and carrier bags were removed, the place looked much better and more looked after. To use a line from another large supermarket, every little helps.

Litter free area at Sainsbury’s – Every little helps.

16th May 2012

Next we moved to the east of the borough to Carston Close in Lee Green and along and with a local councillor and some local residents, overgrown vegetation and flytipping were removed including mattresses, carpet, wood, a car bumper, bed base, TV’s, chest of draws and a fair amount of litter. In total 50 bags of litter and refuse were collected.

Good turn out for the clean up.

25th May

The campaign then arrived in the west of the borough at Brockley Way next to the footbridge over from Eddystone Road. Lewisham Council staff as well as staff from CitiBank cut back overgrown vegetation and removed 55 bags. Whilst the work was going on, many passers-by commented that we were doing a very good job. The place certainly looked a lot better when the job was finished.

55 sacks of vegetation were taken away from this site including lots of litter.

23rd June

Next clean up will be at Wickham Mews this coming Saturday in Brockley. All the action starts at 10am and will finish at 1pm. Everyone is welcome to come along, roll up their sleeves and get stuck into a bit of hard work. Tools and refreshments will be provided.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

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Capital Cleaned Up

Last week saw the end to the first phase of the Capital Clean up Campaign, this phase of the campaign proved highly succesful with 35 events being organised and a total of 180 volunteers turning up to take part. This included members of the public, school children, firemen, community support officers and council staff.

Throughout the course of the campaign we collected over 160 bags of rubbish and swept, weeded and litter picked our way through 15 locations across the borough, check out the pictures below.

The next phase will start on the 5th September and will mainly focus on schools, so if you would like to volunteer for future events please contact

Willow Way, Forest Hill

Castillon Road Footpath, Whitefoot

The Capital Clean Up Team

Willow Way, Forest Hill


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Get involved in tidying up your local area

Following last weeks post promoting the Capital Clean campaign we now have confirmed dates and locations:

Friday 10th June 2011
Next to 45 Sevenoaks road, SE1 1RF  10 am – 2pm

Saturday 11th June 2011
Castillon rd SE6 1QA, Winlaton rd BR1 5PY, Ivorydown, Moorside rd BR1 5EP 11 – 3pm

Friday 17th June 2011
Station road, Lewisham (quaggy river) 10 – 2pm

Friday 24th June 2011
alleyway behind the Brockley road shops off St.Margets road, Brockley SE4  from 10.30am – 12 noon

Saturday 25th June 2011
Dacres road footpath, SE23 2NR  10 – 12 noon

Thursday 30th June 2011
Catford Road cycle path Adjacent to Wickes stores , SE610 – 12 noon

Thursday 7th July 2011
Elmira street/ Silver road, SE13 7BB  (Lewisham) 10am – 12 noon

Tuesday 12th July 2011
London Road footpath opposite Sainsbury, Forest Hill, SE23 3HF 10 am – 2 pm

Wednesday 20th July
Willow way, Forest Hill, SE26 4QP  10 – 12 noon

If you want to get involved you can contact Colin Sandiford on 02083142128 or

Projects will involve clearing pathways, sweeping, removing overgrown vegetation, flytipping, graffiti, flyposting and litter picking. There will be Council Officers and members of the local community there, all tools and health & safety materials will be provided, we look forward to seeing you there!

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Silver Road Clean Up

Last week Council Officers and Local Residents joined forces to clean up a fly tipping hot spot near Lewisham town centre.  The issue of the site was raised at a residents association meeting, often these areas are known by serial fly tippers as good places to dispose of their waste for free.

As a council this is a constant problem …. we will obviously remove the fly tip as it is unsightly and unpleasant for residents who live nearby. However by doing this is it may encourage people to continue fly tipping.

In order to solve the problem at Silver Road we are trying a two pronged approach – Firstly we have cleaned up the area and replaced the bins with “cow bins”. This will make the area more visibly appealing and hopefully discourage people as they know the area is reguarly maintained and monitored. This is a similar idea to the “Broken Windows Theory” discussed in Malcolm Gladwells “Tipping Point”.

Secondly we will place up “No Fly Tipping” signs and also CCTV camera’s to deter and catch any offenders.

We hope that these measures will help clean this area up and contribute to making Lewisham a cleaner, greener borough. This project was part of Capital Clean Up, if you have an area near you which has severe fly tipping problems please let us know.

See the before and after pictures below to see what a difference can be made …

The site at Silver Road before the clean up started

The site at Silver Road after the clean up

The old bins at the site and evidence of a fly tip

The new cow bins at Silver Road

The Capital Clean Up Team