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Recycling team attend busy Hilly Fields Summer Fayre

Heavy clouds and a sprinkling of rain didn’t deter anyone from enjoying the Hilly Fields Summer Fayre and our stall certainly had a constant flow of visitors. With nearly 250 festival goers coming up to our recycling trailer we had one busy day!

On top of helping residents with recycling questions, we discussed with many people about whether they’d like Lewisham to introduce a new subscription based garden waste collection and even the possibility of food waste services in the future. We were happy to hear lots of positive comments about these ideas.

Nearly 250 people visited our recycling trailer

Nearly 250 people visited our recycling trailer (photo: Mr Kiley)


Residents left happy taking away freebies such as tough reusable carrier bags for recycling and handy kitchen items to keep food fresher for longer and were also signing up for free composting workshops that are coming up soon (see below for details). All in all, a great day was had!

To book on to a free composting workshop, please visit

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Lots of activity for National Recycle Week 2014

Last week the Recycle Team were out and about in the borough promoting National Recycling Week. The theme for this year tied in quite nicely with current footballing matters as it was recycling ‘home and away’.

We are all now familiar with what recycling means and I would imagine most of us have a pretty firm grasp of what recycling is about, particularly when we are at home. But when we are away from home, do we take our recycling habits with us? How many of us are actively recycling in the workplace or recycling when they go on holiday or weekends away? Or recycling when they are on the go between the bus or train and their place of work?

We kicked off Recycle Week with a Monday morning assembly at Elfrida School, Bellingham.  Over 300 children congregated in the school hall to hear all about where our boroughs recycling goes to.  It was a lively session with lots of questions and some gasps which filled the hall when a picture was shown of some of the things found in recycling bins which shouldn’t be in there- this included a dirty nappy, black sacks and food waste!

Children at Elfrida School learnt lots of new things about recycling.

Children at Elfrida School learnt lots of new things about recycling.

Next stop on our Recycle Week tour was a visit to  Lewisham Market, talking to shoppers who were out getting their shopping on a lovely summers day. Over the course of the day we met a lot of residents and gave out information on the Council’s recycling services.  We managed to help some shoppers out by telling them things about the service that they weren’t aware of like our battery recycling collection service and free mattress recycling.

We spoke to over 50 people at Downham Health & Leisure Centre

We spoke to over 50 people at Downham Health & Leisure Centre

On Thursday we were in the south of the borough at the Downham Health and Leisure Centre where we had a pitch near the entrance to the centre. This visit was particularly productive as we spoke to lots of residents, testing their knowledge about recycling services! There was lots of discussion and a lot of positive things to say.  Having said that, we did speak to one parent who was completely unfamiliar with the concept of recycling and wasn’t aware that such a service existed and what it was all about. Having summarised the do’s and don’ts of recycling and explained how easy it was to participate, we did manage to talk him round and get him involved.

A good spot outside the leisure centre helped with talking to people.

A good spot outside the leisure centre helped with talking to people.

Our final outing with our recycling trailer was at the Midsummer Fayre at Hilly Fields Park. The weather was glorious which meant that it was going to be a very busy day and indeed it was. We spoke to over 160 people and covered all manner of topics. The giveaways were also very popular. Lots of people liked our Love Food Hate Waste rice and spaghetti measurers as well as our water pebbles which help to reduce your time in the shower.

A glorious day in the sunshine for the Midsummer Fayre in Hilly Fields Park

A glorious day in the sunshine for the Midsummer Fayre in Hilly Fields Park

It was nice to finish off a busy recycle week in the relaxing but very hectic environs of Hilly Fields Park and it was good to have got the message out to the (nearly) 600 people we met during the course of the week using our recycling trailer but also, hundreds more through social media using our Twitter account @EnviroLewisham.

Thanks to everyone that popped in to see us.

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High jinx on the hill at the Hilly Fields Green Fair

A feast of fun activities took place last Sunday at the first Hilly Fields Green Fair in Hilly Fields Park, Brockley by the stone circle. Visitors had a range of environmentally friendly stalls to visit including a clothes swishing stall, a stall selling solar panels, a mirror making stall and a fruit smoothly making bike. Dodging between the showers, people were also entertained by tunes from local fun musicians playing various instruments including the trombone and saxophone

Colin mans the stall at the Green Fair in Hilly Fields Park.

Colin mans the stall at the Green Fair in Hilly Fields Park.

The recycling team were on hand to answer questions people had about their recycling collections as well as giving advise about composting and food waste. Many visitors came to the stall and it was also a chance for us to tell them about our new Service Standards that we are introducing across the borough:

Gourds for Sale

Gourds for Sale

As a first time event, it was pretty well attended which was helped by the sunny warm weather in the morning, but this wasn’t the case when the heavens opened later on in the day. However, this does look like it has the potential to grow if it was made into an annual event.


Capital Clean Up Grand Finale

Over the past few weeks Lewisham Council and local residents have been getting together cleaning up London through a variety of clean up activities in readiness for the Olympics next month. The finale event for Capital Clean Up 2012 was held in Wickham Mews, Brockley. This lovely mews has been blighted by fly tipping and around 40 people including residents from the Mews and people from Brockley, Eltham, Clapham, Norwood, Croydon and as far afield as Northampton came together on a warm and sunny day to clean up the Mews.

Great support for the Capital Clean Up in Wickham Mews

We thought the majority of the work would be trimming back vegetation to open up the mews to give it a tidier, safer feel. On cutting back the vegetation the real state of affairs was revealed! People pulled out mattresses of varying states (none of which you would want to spend a night on!!), chairs, TV’s and numerous car parts from a car that had been buried by the greenery! The pile of what was being pulled out was growing by the minute and after a good couple of hours a substantial amount of rubbish had been collected as well as a pile of green waste which was sent off for composting.

A great time was had by all and at the end of a hard days work, people gathered to have some light refreshments courtesy of Proctor & Gamble who sponsored this event. To prevent further fly tipping they have also funded a gate, which will be installed over the coming weeks.

Before people left a goodie bag was given out as well as a ‘Lewisham Time Credit’. This is a new scheme in Lewisham whereby people who volunteer their time can receive a ‘time credit’ to be exchanged for an activity e.g. a session at the Beauty School (Lewisham College) or a couple of games of ten bin bowling amongst other things.

Just some of the rubbish that was discovered beneath the undergrowth.

Thank you to all who took part – an impressive amount of rubbish was cleared, which will be removed by Lewisham’s crews (thank you to all of them too – I’m sure they weren’t expecting that much stuff!).

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Capital Clean Ups

10th May 2012

This year our clean up campaign kicked off in the north of the borough along New Cross road on the green areas outside Sainsbury’s behind the large advertising hoardings. This is an area that was heavily littered and we collected 4 bags full of litter. Although this was only a small clean up event, once bottles, cans and carrier bags were removed, the place looked much better and more looked after. To use a line from another large supermarket, every little helps.

Litter free area at Sainsbury’s – Every little helps.

16th May 2012

Next we moved to the east of the borough to Carston Close in Lee Green and along and with a local councillor and some local residents, overgrown vegetation and flytipping were removed including mattresses, carpet, wood, a car bumper, bed base, TV’s, chest of draws and a fair amount of litter. In total 50 bags of litter and refuse were collected.

Good turn out for the clean up.

25th May

The campaign then arrived in the west of the borough at Brockley Way next to the footbridge over from Eddystone Road. Lewisham Council staff as well as staff from CitiBank cut back overgrown vegetation and removed 55 bags. Whilst the work was going on, many passers-by commented that we were doing a very good job. The place certainly looked a lot better when the job was finished.

55 sacks of vegetation were taken away from this site including lots of litter.

23rd June

Next clean up will be at Wickham Mews this coming Saturday in Brockley. All the action starts at 10am and will finish at 1pm. Everyone is welcome to come along, roll up their sleeves and get stuck into a bit of hard work. Tools and refreshments will be provided.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

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WEEE Man is here to save the World!

WEEE Week – 26th September to 1st October 2011

For those that have been following us on Twitter and have seen our recent forays into the world of acting, film and promotional work, you should know all about the acronym WEEE. Below is a groundbreaking film about our very own WEEE superhero … WEEE Man.

For those not entirely familiar with the jargon of the waste industry, WEEE actually stands for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment or put simply, that broken toaster, radio, lamp, kettle or hoover that’s been stuck at the back of your cupboard or in your garage for the last few months that you’ve been meaning to get rid of.

The Council are staging a week of WEEE collections during what we are calling, WEEE Week. This will be your opportunity to empty your cupboards of that unwanted electrical waste, those duplicate remote controls, hairdryers, food mixers, sandwich toasters, and redundant juicing machines.

However, if you have items that are in perfect working order, why not see if someone would like it on Freecycle, or give it to a friend, neighbour or even a charity shop. Though if it is broken, then why not give it to us?

During WEEE Week, a collection vehicle with be at one of the locations below between 8.30am and 12pm to collect your old and unwanted small electrical appliances. (1pm to 4pm at Sir Francis Drake and 1am to 3pm at Dacres Road).

Please bring your old hoovers, radios, stereos, toasters, hairdryers, irons, microwaves, kettles, mobile phones, games consoles, computers and laptops to us for safe disposal.

Please note: No TV’s, fridges or fluorescent tubes are allowed as these are considered hazardous waste which we cannot accept.

Monday 26th: Kelvin Grove School, Kirkdale, SE26 6BB, 8.30am – 12pm

Tuesday 27th: Forster Park, Boundfield Road, SE6 1PQ, 8.30am – 12pm

Wednesday 28th: Ladywell Fields College, Manwood Road, SE4 1SA, 8.30am – 12pm

Thursday 29th: All Saints Schools, Blackheath Vale, SE3 OTX, 8.30am – 12pm AND Sir Francis Drake School, Scawen Road, SE8 5AE, 1pm to 4pm.

Friday 30th: Edmund Waller, Waller Road, SE15 5LY, 8.30am – 12pm

Saturday 1st October: Dacres Wood Nature Reserve, Dacres Road, Forest Hill, 11am – 3pm

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Get involved in tidying up your local area

Following last weeks post promoting the Capital Clean campaign we now have confirmed dates and locations:

Friday 10th June 2011
Next to 45 Sevenoaks road, SE1 1RF  10 am – 2pm

Saturday 11th June 2011
Castillon rd SE6 1QA, Winlaton rd BR1 5PY, Ivorydown, Moorside rd BR1 5EP 11 – 3pm

Friday 17th June 2011
Station road, Lewisham (quaggy river) 10 – 2pm

Friday 24th June 2011
alleyway behind the Brockley road shops off St.Margets road, Brockley SE4  from 10.30am – 12 noon

Saturday 25th June 2011
Dacres road footpath, SE23 2NR  10 – 12 noon

Thursday 30th June 2011
Catford Road cycle path Adjacent to Wickes stores , SE610 – 12 noon

Thursday 7th July 2011
Elmira street/ Silver road, SE13 7BB  (Lewisham) 10am – 12 noon

Tuesday 12th July 2011
London Road footpath opposite Sainsbury, Forest Hill, SE23 3HF 10 am – 2 pm

Wednesday 20th July
Willow way, Forest Hill, SE26 4QP  10 – 12 noon

If you want to get involved you can contact Colin Sandiford on 02083142128 or

Projects will involve clearing pathways, sweeping, removing overgrown vegetation, flytipping, graffiti, flyposting and litter picking. There will be Council Officers and members of the local community there, all tools and health & safety materials will be provided, we look forward to seeing you there!