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Lots of activity in Lewisham for the national community clear up event

All across the UK, people were reaching for their brooms, litter pickers, black sacks and gloves. Yes, it was the 21st March 2015 and that heralded this years national community clear up event. The activity was no less frenetic right here in Lewisham as community groups up and down the borough came out on what was a windy, cold pre-spring day.

Cllr Rachel Onikosi and Heidi Alexander MP get ready for some litter picking

Cllr Rachel Onikosi and Heidi Alexander MP get ready for some litter picking

On Blackheath, our very own Green Scene Team organised a litter pick and general all round clean up of the common and invited as many volunteers as wanted to come along and brave the cooler climate on the exposed heath. Along with the many enthusiastic volunteers, Heidi Alexander MP and Cllr Rachel Onikosi grabbed bags and litter pickers to support the event by getting stuck into some cleaning up.

Meanwhile in the centre of Lewisham, Cllr Stella Jeffrey helped to tidy up a very litter strewn flower bed that people seem to have been using as a litter bin for the past few months. All manner of detritus had been thrown in there including a microwave oven!

Central Lewisham get a spring clean complete with microwave oven

Central Lewisham gets a spring clean complete with microwave oven

In the southern regions of the borough, volunteers got to work in Chinbrook Meadows and amassed quite a few bags of rubbish including a few interesting finds such as old boots, scooters and paint pots.

Boots, scooters and old pots of paint, Chinbrook Meadows has them all

Boots, scooters and old pots of paint, Chinbrook Meadows has them all

Not to be outdone by the adults, school children that were part of our Clean and Green programme were also asked to get involved with some litter picking outside of their schools. Up in the Lee area, St Winifreds primary school children were seen outside the school gates picking up and recycling street litter. Not to be outdone, another primary school, Grinling Gibbons in Deptford also rolled up their sleeves and made the area outside their school clean and tidy.

Children at Grinling Gibbons keeping the streets of Deptford

Children at Grinling Gibbons keeping the streets of Deptford clean

St Winifreds school made sure the outside of their school was spotless

St Winifreds school made sure the street outside was spotless

All in all, lots of great work done by lots of volunteers to ensure our borough remains free of litter and will continue to do so. A big thank to everyone that took their time to make a small difference to their part of the borough.

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Grants for Capital Clean Up’s

Community Clear Up Day is a ‘national spring clean’, backed by the Government, that aims to spruce up the country’s high streets, residential and business areas, villages and parks. Together we can kick off spring 2015 with our public spaces litter free. It’s really simple and fun to take part in Community Clear Up Day – and it’s free!

Join the Community Clean Day on 21st March 2015

Join the Community Clean Day on 21st March 2015

If you are a Lewisham resident and wanted to get involved in some clean up activity, then why not come along to Talbot Place in Blackheath between 2 and 4pm on 21st March where a clean up will be taking place.

A handy toolkit has also been created which includes all the info and tools you need to get your own clear up day organised and take part in the nationwide effort to get rid of litter.

The pack includes key planning tips, editable leaflets, posters and banners which you can use to help organise and promote the event.

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Recycle Week – The ‘R’ Team

We recently ran a competition to find Lewisham’s “Recycling Superhero” we posted letters to all Year 5 school children in Lewisham. Children were asked to write in no more than 100 words why they should “be a hero” there was such a good response (over 60 children entered) that we decided to create the “R- Team”.

The winners were announced this week and are: Mya Msundi (St Michaels School), Fadakemi Adeleye (John Ball Primary School), Yvonne Awotyla (Marvels Lane Primary School) and Finley Hills, Simon Caniffe and Rhianna Reid – Kanon (Sir Francis Drake Primary) and are all pictured below.

Other winners who will form part of the ‘R’ team are: Jasmine Bush and Chelsea Ojosipe (Hatcham Temple Grove School), Stephanie Boateng (Torridon Junior School) and Aaron Regisford (Good Shepherd Primary School).

The team will appear on promotional material for the council including the side of Lewisham’s recycling trucks, the winners will also meet to swap ideas, tell each other how they’ve been recycling and set some challenges for reducing, reusing and recycling.

Congratulations to everybody who took part and congratulations to the winners!

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Climate Week Winners

As part of this years Climate Week our sustainability team organised a competition for local school children to design a poster which would end up on the side of a recycling truck. We were overwhelmed with responses and the standard was so high that we chose two winners!

Isaac Sackville-Adjei, aged 10 and Saskia Perez-Cooke, aged 6 (both from John Ball Primary School, Blackheath) produced really eye-catching designs that stood out for the judges and also helped to get across the message about climate week.

Saskia’s entry (below) focussed on recycling.

Whilst Isaac’s cleverly combined the idea’s of cycling and recycling (below).

Councillor Susan Wise was on hand to take the children around the truck, and the crew were happy to meet the children who designed the vehicle sides, as they’d had lot’s of compliments from members of the public about the artwork.

The children were delighted to see the result of their hard work and excited about being able to sit in the cab of the truck.