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Green Recycling Estates Bags For Flats

Earlier this year, the Council were successful in a bid to the London Waste and Recycling Board (LWARB) and secured funding to purchase 20,000 green recycling estates bags (GREB’s).

Green Recycling Estates Bag

 With the 10,000 GREBS that the Council bought earlier in the year, this means that there will be 30,000 bags available for the delivery to all large estates, small blocks and new developments across the borough.

 The 55 litre bags can be easily stored and folded away when not in use and be used over and over again. The bags will essentially be used for the collecting of clean dry recyclables such as paper, cardboard, glass bottles and jars, cans and plastic bottles. Once full, residents can use the bags to take their recyclables to their nearest recycling bin on their estate, block or development.

 As well as the new GREB’s, there will be some money available to put new bins on some estates and signage where necessary. The roll out of the bags will begin in January which ties in quite nicely with the new contract which the Council are starting on December 5th with Bywaters (Leyton) Ltd.

 Previously the Council were only able to collect paper, cardboard, glass bottles, jars, cans and plastic bottles. However, from December 5th, 2011 more materials will be able to be added including beverage cartons (Tetra Paks), mixed plastics (yoghurt pots and margarine tubs etc.) and textiles. More details about the new contract and materials will be coming up on this blog in due course.

 Housing organisations like Lewisham Homes, Phoenix, Pinnacle, Hyde Housing, London & Quadrant and Affinity Sutton have been contacted and are on board with the project and will help to spread the message to their tenants.

 Keep checking this blog for more announcements on the new materials that will be available for recycling.

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The council should start collecting more stuff!!

@i love cars
Currently the council collect a number of materials from the kerbside and estates, these materials are: paper, cardboard, glass bottles and jars, tins, cans and plastic bottles. The council also provide a garden waste collection service which costs £10 for 10 green sacks.

The council is currently in negotiations with the company that process recyclables in the borough to add mixed plastics and tetra-paks (juice cartons) to this list. In the mean time tetra-paks can be recycled at:

Sainsbury’s New Cross Gate
Sainsburys Forest Hill
Laurence House car park in Catford
Grove Park Bus Garage Baring Road
Tesco Lewisham

If you want to recycle your mixed plastics you can take them to Sainsbury’s New Cross Gate and Sainsburys Sava Centre, Southend Lane. These sites will also accept batteries and energy saving lightbulbs (picture below)

Lewisham council also provide a free collection service for mattresses and the Reuse and Recycle Centre can be used for free to get rid of items of household waste.

Batteries can be recycled in all primary schools and libraries throughout the borough and the council are about to launch battery recycling from your doorstep!

Why not have a look at their website to see what else can be recycled at lewisham councils website