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LoveLewisham Back Soon!

LoveLewisham is over ten years old, and showing it’s age. So we’ve taken it down to update it, save money and make some improvements. If you’ve already got the app installed, it should continue to work OK, but it won’t be available for new installations for a while. In the meantime why not try either the Keep Britain Tidy App or the FixMyStreet App. Both do pretty much the same thing. Let us know which you like best!

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Get involved in the Mayor’s Capital Clean Up!

Capital Clean Up

The  scheme is funded by the Mayor of London and supported by the Environment Agency and Groundwork London. If you’re a community group, registered charity, school or small business you can apply for either a cash grant to fund clean-up activities or a Clean-up Kit that contains all the advice and equipment a group needs to get started. Community groups, charities, schools and small businesses can now apply for a Mayor of London Capital Clean-up grant to help tidy up a local green space or waterway. You can apply for a cash grant of between £500 – £2,000, or a Capital Clean-up Kit with all the info and equipment you need to get going.

Capital Clean-up is a partnership campaign led by the Mayor of London as part of his Team London volunteering programme to help Londoners green and clean our city through community engagement and participation. The campaign is now in its fifth year of helping London communities take part in the maintenance of the places where they live and work. So far, we have coordinated over 1,000 clean-up events led by community groups, members of the public and local authorities. Clean-ups have included:

  • Thames riverbank and canal clean-ups
  • Litter picks
  • Habitat restoration; and
  • Graffiti removal

For further information please go to the Capital Clean Up website:

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Be a Recycling Superhero!!

Recycling Superheroes – Inspirational examples from our younger generation!

Recycling Super Heroes have previously been found in local schools.  More  are needed!!

Children wanting to become Super Heroes, from year 5, are asked to tell us in no more than 100 words why they should be made one!

There will be prizes for the most inspiring!

Examples of last years winners:

’I recycle, reuse and reduce every day. I recycle when me and my family fill up our recycling bag and empty it out in a recycling bin.  I reuse by mending old clothes or sending them to charity. I reduce when I turn things off that aren’t being used.  I also have a job in school to turn things off. I even wrote an Eco-code for my school to remember.  If I was a Recycling Superhero I would promote walking, cycling, and recycling to people around me, like sending leaflets to my neighbours.

Thank you for reading. From Fadekemi Adeleye’

‘My name is Mya Musundi and I’m sure I’d make the best Recycling Superhero. I am the complete eco warrior. I love recycling, I make my own dolls houses out of recycled materials and help my Mum sort what goes in recycling. Me and my Mum also make natural slug repelents for the plants, out of recycled materials, egg shells. If I was a recycling super I would organise an event where everybody can come and make new things out of recycled materials.

That’s why I should be a recycling hero.

Please send your ‘Heroic’ story to to let us know about something you’ve already done, by Friday 15th of February!!!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Lewisham Green Dog Walkers scheme

Lewisham Council is launching a new initiative to deal with dog fouling called the Lewisham Green Dog Walkers scheme and residents are encouraged to sign up to the campaign to help make their area cleaner and greener.

The scheme is a non-confrontational, friendly way to change attitudes about dog fouling. Residents that take the pledge will be sent a free gift for their dog.

Find out how to be a cleaner and greener dog walker.

The Lewisham Green Dog walkers scheme encourages dog owners to take the pledge to

  • always clean up after their dog
  • carry extra dog waste bags
  • hand out dog-waste bags to other dog walkers.

The scheme will launch on 2nd November 2012 at the Dog Activity Day in Fordham Park 12:00 til 15:00.

Take the lead to ‘bag it and bin it’. Take the pledge today

To sign up, please send your name and contact details to:
Stella Agunabor
Tel: 020 8314 2068

(image: digitalart)

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Citibank Staff Muck in to Keep Lewisham Clean

What do risk management staff at a global bank and a dirty street in Lewisham have in common? Well, very recently the Council hosted a cleanup event in Deptford in which 10 members of staff from Citibank UK came along, grabbed sweeping brushes, bags and hoes and got stuck in to a bit of cleaning.

How Rolt Street looked before the cleanup

The 10 members of staff who normally work in ICT and who are responsible for security risk management, swapped their suits for high visibility vests and cleaned up litter and weeds in Rolt Street in Deptford.

The 10 members of staff spent two hours away from their desks and offices in Lewisham and bagged an impressive 35 sacks of litter and weeds to leave the street looking clean and tidy. Passersby even commented on how well and how hard they were working.

Citibank staff in action

Whilst this isn’t something that the Citibank UK staff do every day, those that did attend the event hoped that this would be a regular and ongoing event. They said that there were other members of staff that wanted to come along if more events were organised in the future which they can undertake as part of CitiBank’s Corporate Social Responsibility.

How Rolt Street looked after the cleanup

If you would like to get involved in a cleanup in the borough, why not email

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Love Lewisham, Love Clean London!

Lewisham’s very own environmental reporting tool “love lewisham” has now been rolled out throughout London with the support of the Mayor, Boris Johnson . The tool has been praised for it’s innovative use of cutting edge technology to empower the public and also save councils money. The launch of Love Clean London was attended by Boris Johnson who removed graffiti and then posted it as a FYI IFI (For Your Information I Fixed It).

For more information on the launch and associated press, you can visit the Love Clean Streets and Love Lewisham Blog, if you want to use the tool for yourself hit the icon at the top right hand side of our blog, issues can be reported using iphone and windows mobile apps or simply via email or sms.

See the Mayor (and Love Clean London) in action by watching the video below ….

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What about commercial waste?

“I see so much rubbish dumped in plastic bags in the street. The council needs to provide better bins for commercial premises and get tougher on take aways throwing away old food. This just gets taken out by foxes, crows or rats and is a health and safety hazard. It also makes the streets untidy and I feel sorry for the street cleaners who have to clear up old rice and food”
Thanks to Chapperst for this question
Commercial waste is a tricky one and is always the responsibility of the business that produces the waste, the barrier for businesses is that they have to pay for a waste and recycling collection. The vast majority of businesses do this very well and are responsible, there are however some businesses who either aren’t aware of this or who intentionally dump rubbish in plastic bags on the street.
The Council do provide a commercial waste and recycling service for businesses which currently serves over 3,000 businesses and schools throughout the borough. Some businesses however choose to use other contractors, so not all of the commercial waste bins in the borough are the Councils.
With regards to the plastic bags being on the street, we provide specified time-bands for businesses to place their rubbish out. This ensures that a minimum amount of on street rubbish, much of the commercial waste gets collected at nights. If a business has the room for a commercial waste bin then we can provide them with a bin if they choose to use the Council’s trade waste service. The collection containers range from ordinary sized bins to large bulk bins, however some businesses prefer to just use bags.
We also carry out campaigns where we target specific streets where we know there is an issue with fast food littering and are able to change street cleaning schedules so that areas get swept at problem times during the day. If you have any specific streets in mind please let us know and we can target these! You can also report environmental problems such as littering on the love clean streets site.
Our street sweepers do an excellent job and have split carts to separate recyclables from normal litter, we have also trialled split recycling/litter bins on Lewisham high street but the results were disappointing with wrong items being put in both sides of the bin.
I hope this helps!