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A blog written for residents of Lewisham


This blog is intended as a forum for residents in Lewisham (and beyond) to discuss issues surrounding waste and recycling. We will post discussion topics and answers to frequently asked questions. If you have a specific question you can post it as a comment in the most recent blog and we will endeavour to answer it either within that posting or give it a separate posting for other people to comment on.We hope that this will provide a better flow of information so that our responses to questions are not just limited to one resident.

We would welcome suggestions for topics that you would like to discuss and will aim to give a sensible and balanced view-point. If the discussion topics are beyond our realm of expertise we will look to get articles written from experts within the waste management sector.

This blog is written by waste minimisation and recycling officers from Lewisham Council, if you have queries which you feel cannot be addressed through this forum you can call 020 8314 7171

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  1. To whom it may concern,
    I regularly take my garden wast to the recycling centre. Thisis a great service provided by the council. I have two questions:
    1. What is done with this garden waste?
    2. Does lewisham provide the soil/compost from the waste to use in their gardens? If so, where can it be picked up?

    Thank you in advance,

    Thomas Mucha

  2. We have a black bin for rubbish and a small green box for recycling which is simply not big enough for the amount we recycle.

    Therefore we end up putting things we could recycle into the black rubbish box which is really frustrating.

    Please can we have a large green bin?

    • Hi Sarah,

      I’ve sent you an email to get your address, we’ll then get a recycling bin delivered to you!

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  4. I compost most of my family’s food waste (no meat, or cooked food) and paper waste. However I just don’t make enough for my gardening needs.

    I’ve been trying to find out where I can get hold of cheap decent compost locally.

    I don’t want a ‘growing medium’ which is what most local garden centres sell, and anyway, the quantity I want would cost a small fortune.

    Sam Kirk @Lewisham explained to me that Lewisham outsources its green waste to Glendale who in turn deliver it else where. That company don’t deliver to residential addresses!

    Please can there be a pilot scheme developed where Lewisham residents can buy back decent, screened nutrient rich compost?

    Ive been speaking to people on local gardening forums, and I believe there is a real demand for this service. As well as residential gardeners, there are also several community gardening groups in the area who would benefit from it. Sell it from local parks.

    Why not make a little money!

    I hope Mr Kirk can consider this idea.

    • Hi Mel

      Under Enironmental Agency rules, the Council are not allowed to distribute this around the borough and can only use it locally on the parks themselves and cannot sell this. The compost that is produced by Glendale is from the parks waste and not from households. Garden waste collected at the weekend sites and through the green sack scheme goes to another contractor to produce compost, but again, this is for commercial resale and not for distribution to residents.

  5. Is there anywhere in the SE6/SE13 areas where I can recycle old trainers/walking shoes? – the type with a fabric upper and rubber/plastic sole.

    They’re too worn out to freecycle, but I’d rather not have to dump them in the bin.

    I think they can be made into playing surfaces or something similar.


  6. Wonderful Project! I am trying to forward something symilar in Italy, please review my website and please do not hesitate to contact me for further details.

  7. Please can someone let me know if the plastic pots plants come in are recyclable and also what we can do with old fire extinguishers, emply paint tins both metal and plastic. Thanks

  8. Hi there!

    Can anyone tell me if it’s possible to paint my green recycling bin?
    We live in Lewisham.

    Many Thanks,

    • Hello,

      Lewisham Council do encourage people to number their bins so that the bin crews can easily identify which properties the bins came from and we hope that this will also help to reduce theft of bins.


    • The Council are happy for people to clearly number their bins to prevent theft and make it easier to identify which bins is theirs.

  9. Can trigger sprays ie the spray tops that form part of most bottles for cleaning products be recycled in Lewisham? They are made from two different types of plastic and contain a metal ball bearing, this article seems to suggest they need specialist recycling:

  10. Hi we need the clear plastic sacks in order to recycle as we live in a large mansion block on a busy road and there is no space for recycling bins. We’ve run out and I ordered more from the council over 3 months ago and still havent received any. I have to use black bins for the recycling and these are usually not picked up during the recycling services and so have to go into refuse bins. Any quick way we can get these?

  11. Hello Im running a NON FOR PROFIT community garden in Mayow Park, I would like a brown garden waste bin as we have compost bins but twigs and other green waste such as bind weed etc doesn’t go so well . I called Lewisham council to apply, I was told that we couldn’t have a bin as no one lives there. However I thought its all about recycling!! Also we have lots of people dumping their green garden waste and twigs in the park and our front garden, so as a volunteer clearing it daily, I thought I would love to sign up for a garden waste bin to reduce the dumped green waste which actually could be collected by Glendale, but this seems an endless dispute. I will place the brown bin outside on collection days , so I don’t see any problem why this cant be done for us and I will even pay the yearly £60 subscription. Looking forward hearing from you.

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