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August Bank Holiday Collections


Over the August Bank Holiday weekend changes will be made to the collections of refuse and recycling. Generally most collections will be a day behind so please ensure that you have you bins out at the boundary of your property ready to be collected. With the garden waste bins, please ensure they are out on the street on the pavement so that our crews can see that they need collecting. Full details of the changes can be found in the table below.

Thank you for leaving bins at the edge

Refuse and Recycling collection arrangement during the Easter an


2 thoughts on “August Bank Holiday Collections

  1. There is an orphaned black bin that lives outside my house. I put a note on it to ask if it belonged to anyone but no one has claimed it. How do I arrange to get it taken away? The pavement is cluttered enough without extra bins.
    I have been clicking round the website for about half an hour trying to find some way of contacting Refuse collection by e-mail or phone, but there are no details anywhere – this is the only means of contacting you that I have found.

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