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55 thoughts on “The New Garden Waste Service Begins

  1. I have a bin already but am expected to wait until June for the first collection – a bit irritating – mine is already full.

    • Sorry for the late response. We had to get all the bins out early and ready in preparation for the collections starting in June. There were a lot of bins to deliver.

  2. How were we supposed to know that the first collection wasn’t until June? The bin appeared, blocking my front path, and I filled it, put it out, but nothing happened. The leaflet provided with the bin said put it out for collection on Tuesday.

    • Sorry for the late response. We had to get all the bins out early and ready in preparation for the collections starting in June. There were a lot of bins to deliver.

  3. There is already a brown bin on a footpath…can we have clear footpaths for walking on. If you have a garden, then it is reasonable to put your bin in it.

    • Yes, all bins are to be stored on peoples properties when a collection is not required. We are only asking that brown bins be put out on the street for a collection and then taken back in at the earliest opportunity.

  4. I have been told to put the bin out before 6am, which is very early. If I put it out the night before, it may get stolen and I believe I would have to pay for a new one. My kerbside is quite a distance away and the noise of wheeling it over gravel would wake my neighbours. A later time for putting it out would be much more convenient.

    • Sorry for the late response. Crews start early so we have to say 6am for the bins to be out. The bins need to be visibly out on the pavement or our crews won’t know that a collection is required. They do not have time to check every brown bin to see if a collection is required.

  5. I see no reply is forthcoming. I have dared walk on my footpath and it is very narrow and little respite with the brown bins now lining up along with the green and black ones. I cannot see on the website any information about your responsibility not to block a footpath. Is it just the case in Lewisham that we can put whatever we want on the footpath. I have a few deliveries coming up, so it is fine to get the lorry to offload onto the footpath? It will be a few days before I can move all the materials, but better than the constant blockage of bins.

    • Sorry for the late response. We do ask that all bins on the pavement are brought back on to residents property as soon as is possible as per our Service Standards.

  6. My bin has not been collected ! Just found out it starts this week but still not collected !

  7. I’ve paid for the service but no bin delivered. Ordered it a month ago. Garden is a complete sight! Thanks for nothing Lewisham – fancy offering a refund?

  8. Same problem as above, I’ve paid for the service but no bin delivered. Ordered end of May if I am not wrong, can I get 1 month refund?

  9. I’ve also paid but not recieved a bin yet. Most of my neighbours have though. Please advise!

  10. We have a bin, which is supposed to be collected on Wednesdays, but left it out for collection yesterday and it was not emptied. Is the collection weekly?

  11. Same problem. Money left my account on 14 May, bin finally delivered Tuesday 28 June after pre-Ombudsman complaint to Lewisham and appeal to local councillors. Despite 4 non-collections during June, smug person at Lewisham refused my request for a refund. Elderly friend who asked if a smaller bin were available as she is literally dwarfed by the thing and is having difficulty moving it, was told she (ie smug person) “has no problem” with the bins. I couldn’t find an email address for Lewisham Waste online, so if you’re having the same problem try: By the way: does anyone else think that weekly collections throughout the year are a nonsense? Who on earth generates a bin-load of garden waste in deepest midwinter?

  12. My bin hasn’t been collected for 2 weeks, 23rd and 30th June and it’s now full to the brim. I don’t know how to contact the correct department to rectify this, does anyone? The website doesn’t have collection request option for a BROWN bin, argh.

  13. Ordered and paid for a brown garden waste bin on 12 June, still not arrived. Have now spoken to Lewisham Council and have been told that it will be delivered in 3 to 4 working days. May I suggest that if you are having problems with supply, you post a statement above explaining what the situation is. The lack of communication is extremely frustrating, as are the standard responses of ‘recycleboy’.

  14. We ordered a garden waste bin in May and still haven’t received it

  15. Hello, I am in the same situation I paid for my garden waste bin on the 22 May as yet I haven’t received it and have not had a reply from my email to the council. Many thanks for the advice I will email Sam Kirk.

    • Iennifer: t seems extraordinary that residents are having to pay for Lewisham’s inability to order enough brown bins to go round. Why is the council not offering free garden waste bags, including free collection, in the meantime?
      And Joe: Hear hear. The lack of communication from Lewisham makes it sound as though they simply could not care less.

      • Hi Gina, I have just emailed my local Councillor to let them know of my concerns. I am hearing comments from a lot of people who have had to chase their bin delivery…eg: hours of waiting on the phone in order to speak to someone…no record of payment yet it had cleared the persons bank account. I am very concerned about the lack of information afterall we all want to support the scheme and we are positive about it or we wouldn’t have spent our hard earned money on buying into the waste collection service but it is not being may easy for us to take part and support the environment. I am really disappointed.

      • Hello, just wanted to clarify that the council do have enough bins for the service and the delivery team are working to ensure everyone receives their bins.

  16. Hello, we have had our bin delivered fine, which is great but have no idea when it will be collected? It’s been put it out on the street for collection 4 times, it’s placed near our front gate for easy access, but still nothing. My husband has phoned council several times in the last couple of weeks but have been left hanging for over 20 mins or cut off.

  17. Update: just had a brilliant response from Sam Kirk…her email address in thread above…thank you for sharing Gina…Sam gave a quick response to my message, sympathetic and professional. I’d tried calling to no avail…10 mins of waiting and I gave up…so try emailing Sam if you have any problems…I can highly recommend, she was brillaint. Thank you for your help Sam.

  18. Hi. I’m based on George Lane (189), SE13 6RY. My garden waste bin only turned up towards the end of June, even though I ordered before June. It was collected the first week (Tuesday being the designated collection day) but has not been collected Tues 5th July or Tues 12th July. The council website does not have an option to report issues with garden waste collections and I appear to be paying for an ineffective service.

    • As you say, the council website doesn’t want you to report these issues and certainly doesn’t care enough to offer more than a cursory explanation or apology. I managed to get the name of someone you can email directly. Try and see my earlier posts.

    • Hello, its possible that the bin may not have been left in the correct place. We are asking residents to leave brown bin out in the street on the pavement so that our crews can see that a collection is required. If its on the pavement outside of the garden before 6am on the correct day, our crews will see it and empty it.

      • Hi
        Our bin wasn’t collected again this Wednesday 13th July (it was collected on the 6th but not the previous week). It has been left outside the house on the pavement every time.

  19. Was it put out for 6am? I assume the bin was free of any contamination? Might be worth calling this number: 020 8314 9756

  20. My bin still hasn’t been delivered. I have the ref number CAS 919865 S6G 0G2

  21. Hi, I ordered a brown bin on 11th June but it still hasn’t arrived (it’s now 19th July). When can I expect it?

  22. My garden waste bin hasn,t been emptied for 2 weeks. Lewishams policy of avoidable contact means nobody answers the phone. Online facility for reporting missed garden waste bins confusing. The only time one can moan is when Council elections are due. Then of course candidates are over me like a rash.

    • Are you leaving the bin on the street on the pavement before 6am on collection day? Not at the property boundary which is the case with refuse and recycling bins? If you already receive an assisted collection for your refuse and recycling bins, you need to tell us that it is also required for the brown bin.

      • Good morning. We are end of terrace I leave it in front of house at side way. Where it has been emptied before and I always put it out on Sunday evenings ready for 6am on Monday. Now getting full and a bit smelly.

  23. Please let me know when I can expect my bin to be delivered (CAS-1220130-WOB9L2

  24. I think you can create your own compost to help you sustain your own garden. Use the skip bin to collect and store your green waste before you use it to make compost in a suitable area.

    Skip the Tip

  25. I have a box bush which has sadly succumbed to box blight. Would cutting it up and putting it in garden waste create a problem?

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