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2 thoughts on “What happens to a third of the World’s food?

  1. Very well made video!

    The sad part is that it accurately depicts whats happening to most of the food we produce. I’ve worked in a large supermarket chain in the US some years ago and the amount of containers full with dozens of kilos with food on a daily basis was absolutely staggering!

    Every department (and especially bakery and produce) will toss enough food (per day) to feed a whole neighborhood. I know the food was then being recycled to make food for animals and to be used to enrich soils but still… thats a lot of food ending up in the trash bin.

  2. The simplicity of the video does serve to highlight very effectively the level of food waste that goes on. The Love Food Hate Waste website is a good source of information on this issue and provides lots of ideas and recipes for using leftover food:

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