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What else can you recycle in your home?

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This week (22nd – 28th June) is recycle week.  Lewisham Council along with lots of local authorities across the UK are encouraging their residents to think more about what can be recycled around the home. The short animated film below illustrates very clearly what other materials there are in the home that should be finding their way into your green recycling bin.

More information about the Council recycling services can be found here:

And remember, please use our textile banks or your local charity shop for the recycling and reusing of clothes and other textiles.

One thought on “What else can you recycle in your home?

  1. Such initiatives should take place a bit more frequently because people don’t seem to give much thought on the clutter they create. Old items are being replaced by newer ones and the old ones just sit around in the loft of the cellar.

    Granted, it is often paid to get rid of them properly but still, some poor fellow out there might be able to reuse some of our unwanted junk

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