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Changes to refuse and recycling collections over the Easter Bank Holiday

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Over the Easter Bank Holiday, there will be changes to your refuse and recycling collections for two weeks from Friday 03rd April 2015. Please ensure that you put the correct items into your recycling bin and bring your bins to the boundary of your property on the day of collection before 6am. If you have textiles to recycle, please use a charity shop or one of our many textile banks. Recycling textiles this way ensures clothes keep their quality and value.

Don't forget to put your bins out if you want a collections over Christmas and the New Year

Don’t forget to put your bins out if you want a collection over the bank holidays

The collection day changes are listed below:

Normal Collection day Revised collection day
Monday – Thursday normal collection Monday – Thursday normal collection
  • Friday 03rd April
  • Saturday 04th April
  • Monday 06th April
  • Tuesday 07th April
  • Tuesday 07th April
  • Wednesday 08th April
  • Wednesday 08th   April
  • Thursday 09th April
  • Thursday 09th April
  • Friday 10th April
  • Friday 10th April
  • Saturday 11th April

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