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Latest Scam Warnings from Trading Standards

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From time to time we try and assist colleagues in other departments to push useful information to our residents. This information was given to us by the Trading Standards Team. Please have a read and let your friends and elderly relatives know.

Suspicious Cold Callers

1) A report was recently received that on Friday 6 February 2015 two females knocked on the door of an elderly male. They said they were care workers and interested in his social support and how he manages. They showed the resident an ID card but he did not check it. They looked around his house and then left. Nothing was taken.

2) An elderly man was approached by two men who offered to carry out some work to his property for £200. He agreed. He then agreed to further work and then they demanded over £30,000 from him. Fortunately his bank intervened and called the police.

Please check details of unexpected callers at your home.

Please check details of unexpected callers at your home.

Residents are advised that if you get an unexpected knock at the door that you should do the following:

1. DO NOT let them in.
2. Put your door chain on before opening the door or speak to them through your letter box.
3. If they have an ID Card. DO NOT phone the number on the ID Card but tell them to wait outside and find the genuine number in the Phone Book or on the internet.
4. If they claim you need work doing to your property DO NOT AGREE TO ANY WORK, obtain written quotes from 3 different businesses. Ring Trustmark on 01344 666 104 and/or Age UK 0800 334 5056 for a list of reputable traders.
5. DO NOT give them your telephone number.

Telephone Scams

Residents are receiving scam telephone calls claiming to be from Microsoft and that there are problems with the person’s computer.

If you receive an unexpected phone call from a person claiming to represent any business then you should do the following:

1. DO NOT give the caller any of you personal details especially your bank account or card details.
2. If they ask you to make a call then wait 5 minutes before making that call. And use the internet or the Phone Book to find a genuine number.
3. If you think it may be a scam then report to ‘Action Fraud’ on 0300 123 2040.

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