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Saturday 27th September at 11.45am THE ORCHESTRATED WASTE PROCESSION will leave the gallery and make its way through Deptford Market stopping at THE LIVING LIBRARY MARKET STALL and various skips en route including a rubbish trading point. At Margaret McMillan Park the marchers collaborate to use their found materials to make world globe sculptures spontaneously. All welcome, so come and join us!


Set within the culturally and historically revered library context, the newly categorised found rubbish contrasts by juxtaposition, to be revalued, reused and transformed. Provocatively and directly questioning consumer habits; the Library and the Living Room encourage shifting from a profit and loss ethos to a creative playful rediscovery of taken for granted stuff thrown out everyday. Participants are welcome to take stuff away to create new uses/forms/artwork, photograph the work and return the image to the Library to be re-referenced in its turn by others. Additionally participants must replenish, using newly found items, with a view to inspire others. This is a community, educational and audience immersive project learning from the doing.

The Artist Margaret Jennings studied foundation art at UAL Camberwell gaining a distinction and is currently studying BA Fine Arts at Goldsmiths University of London.

The Giving and Taking Back Living Library was exhibited June to July 2014 at Goldsmiths University Library and at the Menier Gallery. In November the Library moves to Greenwich University.

For more information ring Margaret on 07788 928 569 or e-mail, also more information can be found at under the events calendar June & July and library blog & events.

DEPTFORD XFRINGE Arts Festival, MMX Gallery, 448 New Cross Road, SE14 6TY.

For more information ring Margaret Jennings on 07788 928 569 or e-mail

Press View – 11am, Friday 26th September. Private View – 6pm – 8pm ish Friday 26th September including “Beautiful World” vocal performance and rubbish raffle.

12noon – 6pm, 26th September – Sunday 5th October 2014.

3 thoughts on “THE TAKING AND GIVING BACK LIVING LIBRARY – A participatory experience

  1. 楽しいひと時をありがとうございました。是非またお会いしたいです。

  2. She is creative, inspiring & fun.

  3. This work continues and is now an even more powerful EcoArt Work because it offers opportunities to change our mindset, shift our thoughts back on our taken for granted consumer habits to behave ourselves into a more thoughtful better relationship with our planet. It has now shown in a number of locations including MMX Gallery, Bristol University,New Cross Learning Library, Goldsmiths University Library, Greenwich University etc. and each time changes in relation to the discarded and slung away items found in the local area where The Living Taking and Giving Back Library is relocated. This living installation should be shown in the British Library. A brilliantly conceived artwork that should be show in many more places.

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