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New push locks on communal recycling bins


If you take your recycling to large communal bins, over the next few months, you may notice new, more secure locks appearing on the recycling bins that you use.


Why do we need locks on recycling bins?

Most residents are very careful to ensure that the right things go into the right bins. Unfortunately though, some bins still do get items put into them that can’t be recycled in Lewisham- black bin bags being one of the biggest culprits!

The new locks will prevent the whole lid from being opened, making the dumping of non recycling items  like filled black sacks, much more difficult. Lids will remain the same, most of them with slots which can be lifted so that acceptable recyclable items such as cartons & tins (rinsed of any food), empty aerosols, clothing, glass and folded card and paper can be placed through.

If you live on an estate and use communal recycling facilities, you should have got a leaflet through your door to tell you more about this. If you missed it – see below!

LPA SLAM LOCK leaflet_modified01

If you need any more information about what you can place into your recycling bin, please visit our website  If you want to know more about the bin locks, please email or

2 thoughts on “New push locks on communal recycling bins

  1. please could i make a suggestion? can a normal bin for black bags be put next to the recling banks, then when people turn up with th wrong stuff, or turn up with recyling backs and NON recyling bags they can put the right stuff in the right bin. i think if there is no “normal bin” thats why they dump it in the recying

  2. Yes, (rich frugal female with 12 cards here) greatest current options
    in Canada will be the Amex cards.

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