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Nappy Natters in August and September

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Come along to Lewisham’s new nappy events in August and September to find out how using real nappies could save you money and help the environment.

Real Nappy

You can also get a free £20 voucher at the events, to go towards the cost of buying some real nappies.

The next events are:

Nappy Natter:

  • Friday 30th of August, between 10am and 12 noon at Manor House Library,  34 Old Road, Lee, SE13 5SY in the Baring Room.
  • And Saturday the 21st of September 2-4pm at Wearside Service Centre, Wearside Road, Ladywell, SE13 7EZ

So why not get involved with the real nappy revolution! By the time a baby is potty trained they could have worn 4000 – 6000 nappies. Using real, washable nappies rather than disposables can save hundreds of pounds and reduce the amount of rubbish going into your refuse bin.

8 million disposable nappies are thrown away every day in the UK, on top of this the Real Nappy Association has calculated that savings from using Real Nappies for a first child alone can amount to £600.

You’ll be able to find out more at any of these events and if you’re a Lewisham resident, you can claim a free £20 voucher towards the cost of ‘Real’ cloth nappies. (Baby needs to be 18-months old or younger. Proof of pregnancy/ baby’s birth certificate needed, along with proof of address.)

Tea, coffee and biscuits provided at all events!

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