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Great Nappy Change Event This Saturday!!

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Come and be part of an attempt to join the Guinness Book of Records for the most babies being changed simultaneously. This international event will take place simultaneously all over the world but where better to take part than the Museum of Childhood?!

Come along and celebrate real nappies!

image: Great Nappy Change event poster

Nibbles, entertaining and interesting stalls will be provided, you just need to bring your baby, real nappies and a changing matt.

Please register only one adult per baby — other accompanying adults can attend but only as public, so do not need to book a place separately.  The change needs to happen at 11 am. (Registration says North London but Lewisham is taking part too!)

After the Great Nappy Change a small Real Nappy Fashion Show will take place, if you would like your child to take part please make sure that you specify when registering. There will also be live music, dancing and games, plus a prize draw.

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