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What can I put into my recycling bin?


This is a question that we hear a lot and over the years have tried to tackle it in all manner of ways. We have used traditional methods such as leaflets, put articles in Lewisham Life, used billboards and the side of our refuse and recycling vehicles. We have knocked on residents doors and taken our education trailer to large events and fayres in the borough.

More recently we have moved into the area of social media with the use of Twitter and of course with this blog and we obviously combine them both for better results.  We haven’t tried YouTube that much as a way of reaching people until now.  So we went out into Lewisham High Street recently and approached residents about the recycling issues that they wanted answers to. The video below is the first in a series that we will be posting on this blog. The aim of the short film is to clarify and simplify just what we want our residents to do when it come to using the green bin, recycling batteries, composting and dealing with mattresses amongst many other things.


2 thoughts on “What can I put into my recycling bin?

  1. CK Distribution, a division of CKN Holdings Ltd, the Industry leaders in polymer and plastic recycling now lead the way in bin distribution, bin recycling and logistics., nice post

  2. Good advice, recycleboy. Most people these days don’t know or don’t care about what should go into the garbage bin. To most people, ‘garbage’ means anything one doesn’t use any more. While that is technically true, but you just can’t recycle everything everywhere!

    Take garden wastes for example – they should be put into composting bins, for best recycling. If you’re into gardening, that would be the best way to get compost yourself!

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