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Local pupils rap about recycling with Recycler the robot


After a fantastic year last year, the Clean & Green team has been inundated with registrations for this year’s programme.  Thirty schools have applied and for many, it’s their first year of taking part.

School children will have the chance to meet Recycler the Robot

The Clean and Green programme offers schools support to address topics which really make a difference; waste and recycling, local environmental quality, love food, energy and climate change, transport, biodiversity, fair trade, water and animal welfare. Schools who sign up all receive visits from the team to help them set up a growing area, undertake a litter survey or a waste audit of their school. 

They also have a chance to get a visit from Recycler, enter competitions, get advice and help for the school and other support.  We are now oversubscribed for this year’s programme- but we will be running the programme again next year with applications being welcomed from July 2013! 

For more information and to download a pack, please visit:

2 thoughts on “Local pupils rap about recycling with Recycler the robot

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