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Low Energy Light Bulb Recycling

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We’re working in partnership with the Community Battery Recycling Alliance or (CoBRA) to get as many light bulb recycling points throughout the borough as possible. The scheme relies on volunteers to find suitable venues (such as community halls) in their locality, they then sign up to the CoBRA scheme and get all of the appropriate information and equipment sent to them.

Help us to recycle your old energy saving lightbulbs

Currently our Council officers are  acting as a volunteers for Lewisham and Catford libraries, where you’ll be able to find the “bulbstore mini’s” in the entrances areas. You can also find bigger banks at Sainsburys in Sydenham and New Cross.

So why should I recycle low energy light bulbs?

Energy efficient bulbs save energy, carbon and money but it is essential that people recycle them when they reach the end of their life. This initiative will enable people to take responsibility for light bulb recycling in their community and make the facilities much more widely available for householders to do so.


Why can’t the council provide this as a doorstep collection service?
Collecting light bulbs from the kerbside is tricky and can lead to a lot of damaged bulbs, as well as the issues associated with storing them on a refuse or recycling truck without them being damaged. In addition to this the council does not currently have sufficient resources to collect from multiple points around the borough on request. Utilising a network of volunteers has proved successful in other parts of the country and we believe that it can work here to.

What would being a volunteer involve?

  • Finding a suitable point for your “bulbstore mini” – this should be a place with a large amount of visitors such as a local shop, community centre or church (be sure to get the owners permission).
  • Visit the CoBRA website, watch the video, sign up and wait for all of the equipment and information to be sent to you in the post.
  • All you need to do then is put the “bulbstore mini” in its location, once its full you will need to take it to your nearest bulking point (in Lewisham this will probably be Wearside Road) and drop it off.

Where can I find my nearest recycling point?
Your nearest recycling point and bulking up point can be found online at the Recolight website or on Lewisham’s recycling map.

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