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Roll out of new recycling bin stickers begins


Work has begun on putting new stickers on all of Lewisham’s recycling bins so that residents will have a clear and easy guide as to what can now be recycled in the borough.

Member of the bin stickering team at work

 From December 2011, the Council started a new contract with the contractor Bywaters in Bow,East London. Under this new contract the Council are able to recycle more materials, which means that you can now recycle, paper, cardboard, glass, cans, plastic bottles, textiles, mixed plastics, shredded paper and beverage cartons (tetra paks). Please make sure all of the above are clean before putting them into your recycling bin.

 The teams that are putting the stickers onto the bins are currently in the Lee area and will be gradually making their way around the rest of the borough to ensure that all residents 240 litre recycling bins receive a sticker. The sticker clearly illustrates exactly what can go into the recycling bins using photographs to ensure we get the message to everyone about the new materials.

 With the Council now receiving an income for everything that is recycled, it is more important than ever for all the residents of the borough to recycle as much of their waste as they can.

With regard to the recycling of textiles, if they are in good condition, we would recommend that they go to a charity shop in the first instance. However, if you feel that they might not be worth giving to a charity shop, then please use your recycling bin.

4 thoughts on “Roll out of new recycling bin stickers begins

  1. *More* new stickers? What a waste of man hours and money.
    We already have recycling stickers on our bins depicting what we can recycle.

    Doesnt Lewisham get tired of spending tax payers money on pointless schemes?

    • Hi Prithi,

      There has been some changes with regards to what can be recycled now. We have put information on the Council’s website, our blog, Lewisham Life and used Twitter and door knocked estates residents. The sticker will go to everyone to ensure that all residents in the borough are aware of these new changes.

      I wouldn’t say it was pointless as this generates an income for the Council which can be used in other service areas. This also saves the Council money as the more that is recycled, the less residual waste there is to be incinerated.

      With regards to it being funded by the tax payer, the money for the new bin stickers came from the Waste Resources Action Programme (WRAP) and not from Lewisham Council Tax.

      I hope you will participate in using this service and put all the new materials into the recycling bin.


  2. I am confused. I am sure I have read that cling film and bubble wrap could be recycled. Now it seems that cling film cannot be recycled, but what about bubble wrap? Oh, and we have just received a new bed wrapped in more polythene sheeting, bubble wrap and cardboard than will fit in the green bin. Can we leave the excess outside the bin? (We paid John Lewis to take away the old bed when delivering the new mattress – were we mugs to do that?)

    • Hello, bubble wrap and cling are classed as objectionable under the specification we have with our recycling contractor. Bubble wrap can be reused or go into the refuse bin. Thanks

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