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Do you want to be a record breaker?

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You don’t have to be the tallest, the smallest, the fattest, the thinnest for this, you just need to bring a baby along with some cloth nappies, as the Cloth Diaper Change world record attempt will take place in Lewisham at 5pm. This is all happening  during Lewisham’s ‘Maternity, Baby Clothes & Real Nappy Swap’ event, on Saturday 21st April 2012 from 2pm at the Leemore Central Community Hub, Bonfield Road, Lewisham, SE13 6BZ

'Lets beat that world record'

 Bring the items you no longer need & exchange for items you DO need! (No need to bring items, in order to take.)

 If you are coming just for the ‘Diaper Change’ only, please arrive promptly at 4.30pm to allow us enough time to get everyone organised!

Oh, and good luck to all that participate.

(photo: imagerymajestic)

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