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Update on the chewing gum campaign

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The Council ran a chewing gum campaign during March 2012 and the following activities were undertaken during the campaign period.

Gum protesters in Lewisham High Street

A launch at Lewisham Shopping Centre on Sat 10 March featuring street theatre performers performing with a large splat of gum to raise awareness of the issue. 

An Ad-bike cycled around Lewisham Town Centre with advertising ‘A’ Boards carrying campaign messages.

 Lewisham College made a documentary and a short film to promote the issue

Kieran Lang, the Young Mayor of Lewisham attended Lewisham College to watch a premier of the film produced by the students.

 Gum Boards were erected around Lewisham Shopping Centre: people were be encouraged to use these boards to dispose of their gum. During the campaign period the boards were well used and 98 incidences of gum were removed.

See the video of the interesting characters that supported the protest against gum

 2000 gum disposal pouches and ‘wrap-its’ were supplied and distributed via businesses and other organisations during the awareness month to the key target audience.

 LewishamCollege helped to distribute posters whilst students at Goldsmiths Union distributed Wrap-its’

 Millwall Football Club put messages up on their electronic sign board during their home matches.

 Campaign posters were distributed to libraries.

 The chewing gum artwork was installed on the Refuse truck posters as part of the campaign.

 20 free lamppost banners were installed inDartmouth Road and Deptford High Street as part of the campaign.

 Thanks to everyone who took part in the campaign and please continue to dispose of your gum correctly.

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