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Irresponsible dog owners beware


Dog Fouling on Lewisham Streets is a high source of complaints – not only is it unpleasant, its also dangerous.  The biggest threat to public health from dog excrement is toxocariasis ( ). This campaign will be tackled in conjunction with our housing partners and Safer Neighbourhood teams  to remind owners that it is their responsibility to clear up  fouling left by their dog.

Owners can dispose of their dog foul by using any general litter bin that can be found in many public areas.  Most dog owners are very responsible, but we want the small minority of irresponsible dog owners to be very aware that we will not tolerate this behaviour.  If you are caught failing to pick up after your dog you will be fined  £75 and if unpaid, a court can impose a fine of up to £1,000.

8 thoughts on “Irresponsible dog owners beware

  1. Great post!

    BUT, its all well and good repeating that owners who dont pick up after their dogs can be fined up £75, but when was the last time that happened?

    Owners who dont pick up are a real social menace, and If people really are being fined then you guys should publicise it- name and shame! Take a look at this thread on the Hither Green forum, and its a similar story on other local area forums too:-


    Hither Green is blessed with access to three wonderful parks, but the upshot is often the surrounding streets are covered in the grim stuff.

    As well as the irritation of having to slalom rather niftily down pavements to avoid piles, even after rain there are some streets in Lewisham which smell rather unpleasant.

    As reported in the above link- even when an owner does pick up, that is no guarantee they actually dispose of it, bags of excreta are left on pavements for others to pick up.

    A couple of people being made example of, can only help the situation.
    I know its not a shiny new service user initiative, but I think you’d be surprised how popular a day or two of on the spot fining of culprits would be!

    Good luck!

    • Hi LewishamGardens

      We haven’t named and shamed but we did recently fine a dog owner £190 for not picking up after their dog.

      I agree this is an issue and one which we aim to raise the profile of with some campaigning that we have planned.

      Thanks for keeping us informed of the problems in your area.


  2. I am so glad to see that this issue is being raised, however I would like to know who is going to be patrolling to actually witness the act and therefore enforcing these fines?
    I live in Downham and every street virtually is covered in the stuff, I not only find it discusting but i am aware of the dangers that it poses, I have 2 young children and another on the way so every day we go out I have to constantly look to make sure my kids dont step in it or my toddler doesnt trip over and fall or it or try to touch it etc
    I fear for all of our health and so all shoes have to be taken off at the front door as I cant have the germs trod into my house (with a toddler who may crawl on the floor or drop and pick up item of food or toy etc and put in her mouth) due to the risk albeit small perhaps of disease associated with dog foul.
    Also I have noticed the Downham Health and Leisure centre which is situated on the fields is surrounded by dog foul, not on the grass but on the path surround the centre. I have to walk there regularly as route to the health centre to see the midwife, the co-op and other shops and we have also visited the swimming pool. What concerned me was that shoes are premitted into the swimming changing area, the same area that you walk barefoot into the pool, so if weve just walked up the hill and across piles of dog foul this is on our shoes and going into the swimming pool. I used to live in Bexley (where I never saw and dog foul on the streets ) and go to Crook log and the new Sidcup swimming pool and both of these had a no-shoes poliy into the changing area. There was a communual area in which to leave shoes.
    I am shocked that in an area with such dirty streets they allow shoes! I will also be contacting them directly to question this too.

    I do not know how we are going to make Lewisham dog foul free but I do very much hope we can.

    We must finf a way to police this so that people cant get away with it – the enforcers must be visible in the community and we need enough supporters to come together and make a stand against the selfish mindless people who think it is accceptable to leave this muck all over our streets.

    • Hi Claire,

      Thanks for the points you’ve raised there and I will forward these onto our Enforcement Team so that they are aware of the issues and where they are occurring.

      We are hoping to do some campaigning work in some of these areas to raise the profile which will include a leaflet drop and publicity.


  3. Lewisham Council – thank you for this post. Now you need to have your community officers be paid commission for the dog foul fines they give out – it worked well for traffic wardens.

  4. Almost one year on & dog fouling on the pavements is getting completely out of hand in Hither Green. There is one owner with a large dog (must be) that is leaving huge piles everywhere. Ironically, even here… …at the top of Mount Pleasant Road! Putting stencils is not having any effect, obviously! It’s simply disgusting.

  5. I live near Sydenham Park Road. There is so much dog poo it’s disgusting. There are a large number of schools and nurseries nearby and there is a large number of school children and toddlers who use the street everyday and all have to navigate the poo that’s left around. I’ve even seen a poor mom + toddler who fell in it 😦
    It would make a difference I think if we could have some signs up reminding people that it’s antisocial and there’s a large fine. Is there an avenue into making this happen ?

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