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Refuse bins refuse to take the WEEE


Christmas is a time that see’s a huge demand in the purchasing of electronic goods, be it something for the kitchen, a new games console or a DVD player. This increase in the purchasing of electrical goods also results in a lot of what’s known as Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, or put more simply, WEEE. WEEE waste or electronic waste can mean anything from a toaster to a hairdryer to a radio through to an old video recorder or microwave oven.

During the year we enlisted the help of WEEE Man to raise the issue and profile of electrical waste and to encourage more recycling of small and large electrical appliances. Now that Christmas is nearly upon us, we thought we’d take the opportunity to reinforce the message again using the advert below.

This is aimed at encouraging everyone that has old and redundant items of electronic waste to dispose of them properly, which means not putting them into your black refuse bin where they will only get incinerated.

If items of electronic waste are simply incinerated then the opportunity to recycle them will be completely lost and a resource wasted. Instead, this kind of waste can be taken to either our Reuse and Recycle Centre at Landmann Way or taken to one of our 6 small appliance banks that are dotted around the borough which can be found if you click on the following link

Also, if you are considering purchasing a new item as a replacement for something you already have in the January sales, why not ask the electrical store if they will take the redundant item off you if it no longer works. And of course, don’t forget that we can also take all your old batteries through our kerbside battery collection scheme or through our many battery collection points in the libraries.

Merry Christmas

2 thoughts on “Refuse bins refuse to take the WEEE

  1. Hi
    I have an old microwave which is not in great condition. I don’t think it would fit into one of the small appliance banks. Is there anywhere else I can take it to be recycled (near to Catford Town Centre)? I’d like to avoid a trip to the Landmann Way site if at all possible.

    • Hi Nicola

      If the microwave works, could it be reused? There are charitable orgainsations that take electrical goods? The only other option is for it to be taken as part of our bulky waste collection but that is £15 for 3 items.

      Are you absolutely sure it won’t go into the bank? The last option is the Resue and and Recycle Centre I’m afraid.


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