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Further details of the new materials that can be recycled


 For those people that want greater detail on the new items that can now be recycled using your recycling bins, green boxes, estates bins or clear sacks, please see the list below. Please note that we would encourage people where possible to use charity shops or our textile banks if the textiles are in good condition. If this isn’t the case, please use your recycling bin.

As many people will be aware, the new recycling contract with Bywaters (Leyton) Ltd started today. Trucks have been out collecting and emptying recycling bins in the borough and delivering the contents to the Bywaters materials recovery facility (MRF) all day today.

Early reports from the contracts manager at Bywaters indicates that they are happy with the quality of the material that they have received so far. 

Lewisham recycling vehicle tipping at Bywaters MRF

The image above gives an idication of how clean the materials are that are coming out of the vehicle. Ensuring that the materials are clean is very important. If there is any green and food waste within the recycling bin, this will lead to contamination and the loads not being able to be used.  This is a great start to the new contract and one that we hope will continue for the new 3 years and beyond.


Glass Metal Paper Cardboard Plastic Textiles
Perfume bottles

Jam/pickle jars

Beer & spirit bottles

Cook-in sauce jars



Aluminium takeaway trays

Tin lids

Food and drinks cans


Biscuit & sweet tins

Clean foil




Junk Mail

Yellow Pages


(inc. with windows)

Office Paper



Paper bags

Wrapping paper

Paper packaging

Tissue boxes

Kitchen paper

Chocolate wrappers (mars bars etc.)


Greeting cards


Cereal boxes

Egg boxes

Corrugated card




Beverage cartons,

i.e Tetra Paks

Bottles; Coke, squash etc.

Takeaway containers



Coffee cups (Costa/Starbucks etc)



Film; cling and wrap


Supermarket carriers

Bleach bottles

Shampoo bottles

Fruit/Veg punnets

Meat trays

Margarine tubs

Ice cream tubs

Yoghurt pots

Ready meal trays

Party platters

Plastic cups


Plastic milk bottles

Fabric conditioner bottles

Plastic bottle lids

Bubble wrap

Crisps packets

DVD cases



Linen & curtains


14 thoughts on “Further details of the new materials that can be recycled

  1. fantastic! does this apply to se6 4un? and do we put it out in the wheely bin?

    • This applies to the whole of the London Borough of Lewisham. So the answer to your first question is yes.

      Just put all these new items loose in your recycling bin as normal. We’ll do the rest.

  2. Can I recycle the thin plastic bags that things like Kingsmill bread, prewrapped carrots and the trays of packed meat are covered in etc.

  3. What about polystyrene? Can it be recycled?

  4. I am pleased that you are emphasing that recycled waste must be CLEAN, and I hope that this message is made very clear to all recyclers.
    I was a bit alarmed to see “tissues and kitchen paper” included on p14 of Lewisham Life and guess that you don’t really want any used tissues!
    Great that we can put so many forms of plastic into the green bin, but do we really have to clean out our crisp packets?

    • Fair comments there Ken. I guess with all the recycling we just need to keep emphasising clean materials and as long as the crisp packets are empty and clean that should be fine. Not necessarily washed.

  5. Can you please provide further illumination on the subject of light bulbs? Lewisham Life says there’s a few places that will accept them (Catford and Lewisham libraries as well as Landmann Way). But your web site is still saying no thanks.

    • Thanks for pointing that out to us Brian. We are in the process of updating all the web stuff at the moment. Please bring your energy efficient bulbs to Catford or Lewisham library. We’ll work on getting that information up to date ASAP.

  6. Will the council publish a helpful guide for householders, maybe a leaflet or something similar and make it available online for download?

  7. I notice the recyclables list includes shoes. I have a few pairs of old trainers and walking boots (the ones with the fabric uppers and rubber/plastic soles).

    They’re too old/worn to be useful to anyone, but I know they can be recycled for playground surfaces, etc.

    Can I put these in the recycling bin? Or, is there somewhere else that can recycle them?


    • Hi Chris,

      We are now saying that we can collect textiles as part of the recycling collections so I think shoes will be accepted. They will eventually make their way to a textile reuse/recycling organisation who who determine what hapopens to them.


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