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Is there such a thing as a sustainable mattress?

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Being the first Local Authority in the UK to offer residents a free kerbside collection of mattresses we regularly field calls from other local authorities about the system we have in place and how it works.

We were also invited to an event last week on how to drive forward the sustainability of mattresses. In the UK this is a huge problem, before Lewisham introduced it’s mattress collection service there were 1000 mattresses being fly tipped on the streets of Lewisham every month. We saw this as a problem that needed resolving, as all of the mattresses collected were ending up in landfill – hence the mattress collection service.

However at the event we attended a lot of the discussion was around what could be done to prevent these mattresses ending up on the street for recycling. The general feeling was that there are a lot of poor quality mattresses being sold which have short life spans and hence need replacing much more frequently. This is a similar theme which can be seen in everything from clothes to electricals.

The only real solution is to buy a better quality mattress, that will last you much longer. Obviously we all like a bargain but when you consider that most people spend 1/3 of their time (almost 3000 hours a year) in bed, it’s not only the environment but also your health and well-being that could suffer from buying a cheap uncomfortable mattress.

If you are looking to buy a mattress in the near future check out the bed buyers guide from the sleep council, an independent guide outlining what you should be looking for,

Sleep tight!

Remember if you do have an old mattress that you need recycling you can contact callpoint on 02083147171 to book a collection, alternatively pick up a mattress sticker from any Lewisham Library, place it on your mattress and put it out on your collection day. Our crews will see it and call in a collection which should happen within 3-5 days.

One thought on “Is there such a thing as a sustainable mattress?

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