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Practice what we preach

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Here in the Environment team we’re firm believers of practicing what we preach, to this end over the past few years we’ve been gradually greening up the depot where we work.

Our attempts started with the humble compost bin,  we’ve been diligently composting our apple cores, banana skins and tea bags ever since. We also try to get to the office as sustainably as possible, with a large number of staff either cycling or walking to work.

We then managed to up the ante a bit by creating a wildlife garden and putting green roofs onto a couple of our storage containers. We even have an artificially created moorhen nest (an old tyre and some canes) which is currently housing a mum and three baby moorhens.

A more recent addition includes a vegetable garden planted up in recycling boxes which residents have returned. All of the vegetables are watered using rainwater captured in a broken, repaired and now adapted water-butt wheelie bin. But the real jewel in the crown is a hive of honey bees which has just been introduced to the yard, firmly tucked away in a secret corner these bee’s will hopefully be producing the first batch of Wearside Honey next year!

See the gallery below for pictures.

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