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Climate week winners, well done to …… Lewisham’s Sustainability Team!!

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You might remember a number of posts we ran on Climate Week back in March, the week was a great success and our sustainability team ran some well received events including the highly popular ‘crafts and draughts’ event. We also ran a competition for children to design a refuse truck side.

While all of this was going on the sustainability team managed to squeeze in some time to come up with an idea for the Climate Week mini challenge …. the proposal they put forward was for local ‘carbon diet’ scheme.  When an individual signs up their carbon footprint is calculated and they are given a personal carbon allowance to cover carbon emissions at home and leisure including home energy consumption, food and other purchased goods, the commute to and from work, and personal travel. Each week carbon diet clubs would meet up and weigh in, discuss changes they have made in their lifestyle and whether they are on track to meet their target.

Sounds like a great idea … the eventual outcome being to lobby the Government to make carbon labelling mandatory for all products, in the same way as food products carry nutritional information on their packaging.

A well thought out idea in the short time frame allowed, we hope someone picks it up and runs with it. For more details visit the Climate week page, you can see a blog post by one of the runners-up here.

Congratulations to the team! Certificate below (just to prove it).

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