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Recycle Week – Monday

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To kick off recycle week we thought we’d give a quick overview of the campaign and what’s going on nationally …

This years theme is “Recycling – Home and Away” (too many Australian soap based puns come to mind), people are generally very good at putting their recycling bin out every week, but forget about it as soon as they head out:

Top Tips
Head over to the recycle now website for tips on recycling at work and at school. Theres also a competition to win a DAB radio

Lewisham are running a series of “Capital clean ups”  from 10th June to 24th July this year, check out our recent posting to find out the locations of these. If you fancy organising your own clean up outside of these dates head to recycle now partners the big tidy up for a free kit.

Go Further
Recycling is great, but we still need to do more to reduce the amount of waste we produce – there are only a finite amount of resources on this planet which need conserving! The easiest way to do this is to not use them in the first place, check out our reduce tab for some simple starters.

Members of Lewisham’s Recycling and Waste Prevention team will be in Lewisham town centre today offering advice, “no junk mail” stickers and the opportunity for you to ask us plenty of questions!

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