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Climate Week Winners

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As part of this years Climate Week our sustainability team organised a competition for local school children to design a poster which would end up on the side of a recycling truck. We were overwhelmed with responses and the standard was so high that we chose two winners!

Isaac Sackville-Adjei, aged 10 and Saskia Perez-Cooke, aged 6 (both from John Ball Primary School, Blackheath) produced really eye-catching designs that stood out for the judges and also helped to get across the message about climate week.

Saskia’s entry (below) focussed on recycling.

Whilst Isaac’s cleverly combined the idea’s of cycling and recycling (below).

Councillor Susan Wise was on hand to take the children around the truck, and the crew were happy to meet the children who designed the vehicle sides, as they’d had lot’s of compliments from members of the public about the artwork.

The children were delighted to see the result of their hard work and excited about being able to sit in the cab of the truck.

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