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Are you planning a royal knees up?

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A bit of pre-planning on the food front will make sure you save a bit of money and don’t end up throwing too much away. If you are planning to celebrate the royal wedding by throwing a large party the tips below will help you out, if you’re not then they apply equally for any party or BBQ (what with the early summer we’re currently experiencing!).

  • Choose your lunch wisely. Could your party food be used as left overs later?
  • Plan ahead… eat from your freezer a week or 2 before the party to make space for left overs that can be frozen. It’s amazing how much can be frozen!
  • Divide up your food so that you put out only half of the food first. Keep the second half in a cooler bag and only bring it out if you need it.
  • Come prepared! Have on hand cling film, sandwich bags, or better still reusable containers that are clean and easy to pop the leftovers into.
  • Invite a friend to help finish up your left overs for dinner.

The UK wastes enough food to fill Wembley Stadium 8 times a year (8.3 million tonnes), find out more information at

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