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World Water Day … a day late

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This week is climate week and yesterday was world water day but because I’m a little bit slow (and was out of the office), our blog posting about it is today – but never mind because the message is just as pertinent as it was yesterday….

Water is a precious resource and should be used wisely at all times because it’s not as abundant as you might think.  Using water, especially hot water, also uses energy and increases emissions of greenhouse gases contributing to climate change.

DID YOU KNOW – The average person in England and Wales uses 150 litres of water a day – imagine 264 pints of milk and that’s 150 litres of water.  By 2020, with increasing population and housing growth the demand for water could increase by 5% – that’s 800 million extra litres of water a day.

Visit the Act on CO2 website for lots of useful hints and tips on how you can reduce your water consumption.

As well as reducing your water consumption you might want to think about switching from bottled water to reusing a bottle and simply utilising the tap water that you already pay for….

  • Bottled water generates up to 600 times more CO2 than tap water
  • New research shows that drinking a bottle of water has the same impact on the environment as driving a car for a kilometre
  • There’s enough oil used in the production process of water bottles in the UK to keep 17,000 cars on the road for a year

You can come along to see the waste and recycling team at Sydenham Sainsburys tomorrow to pick up a free reusable water bottle and plenty of other hints and tips, including how to “love food and hate waste”.

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