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How many old mobiles do you have?

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This is an issue that even as someone involved in the waste and recycling sector I have to admit to being guilty of, I have at least two old mobile phones in a  draw at home! and I suspect the majority of people do. The short animation below “The Secret Life of Things” about an obsolete mobile phone facing an existential crisis, recently beat big-budget corporate advertisements to win a coveted Melbourne Design Award for best animation.

The film didn’t only garner belly laughs, but also provided veiled insights into issues surrounding eco-design and the ever-shortening lifecycle of consumer goods.

Originally developed as a fun resource for design students, Life Pscycle-ology also educates the design community on its responsibility to create more sustainable products, sans guilt, according to the film’s writer and director, Eco Innovators founder Leyla Acaroglu.

“The idea was to hide sustainability strategy . . . and all this knowledge in humour,” says 28-year-old Acaroglu, who created the film with the help of animator Nicholas Kallincos.

The animation is an interesting and humorous watch …. but what if you do have a couple of mobiles tucked away at home? Well you could get up to £150 for them, find out more on Money-saving expert , alternatively, you can post your old mobile phones to Green Source Solutions who will use them to raise money for UK and overseas charities.  Please pop into your local library to pick up one of their return envelopes. Or order one by calling 0845 310 0200.

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